Office Depotdouble charged


I placed an order on They charged for the entire order the day I place the order. The day the order was supposed to be delivered, they recharged for part of the order. When I called the customer service number, they told me that I had called and placed the order that morning. I told them I had not called them nor had I duplicated my own order. They informed me that they did not make mistakes like that and that I had obviously given my credit card information to someone. When I asked who could give me the name of the person that took the order, I was told no one had that information. When I asked to speak to a supervisor, I was told there was no one higher in the South America Office and that they could not help me. I had placed the order and would have to wait for it to be delivered and return it then. Meanwhile they have double charged me for my order and refused to refund my money.

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