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Okay.. There has to be something that can be done about this company. Last year, they "helped" me get my loan back in order... Hey, thanks. During the 3 month catch up, we were paying as agreed.. And they forced us into forclosure. When I called the forclosure lawyer in cleveland, ohio, his secretary would not let me speak or make an appt and rudely hung up. Then, when I called ocwen, they stated that after the one more payment of the agreement, they would cancel the forclosure. Only to charge me over $4, 000.00 for the forclosure process.. So, now, I have owned my home for 5 years and I owe more than 6000 more than I originally did. Now, everytime I am late, I get over 200.00 worth of misc. Charges. When I call and want the printout of everything they are charging me for... I get placed on hold or disconnected.. And.. They can't even explain them! The denied 2 payments because they wanted the following month as well... Well, guess what, beat them at that! I sent a check usps with delivery confirmation.. Wow, they had no problem cashing that one! Most of the time, my checks never reach there, then I have to use thier 12.00 online bull. Oh... And president obama stated no more charging for online payments??? Well, tried to make my feb. Payment thurs, friday... And today it takes it... (10.00 charge). The deal is, I have been unemployed for 2 years. I buy and sell things to make money and pay my note until things open instead of close around here. This is a family home that my grandparents bought in 64, passed away in 96, that I bought back in 05. How are we supposed to make the houses nice?? How are we supposed to afford things to make the home worth more? And they also were charging me $2000 a year for insurance because I could not get the home insured because of the garage on the property. I fixed the garage and now, they call everyday several times a day since I had new insurance put on the house (481.00 per year). They refuse to reduce the housepayment. My housepayment started at 414 per month, which is affordable... But now... 709?? I thought getting insurance that low would give me the ability to basically afford my home, but they won't stop taking out 197.00 per month for their insurance! I have written to the atty gen, heard nothing back... This company has to be stopped! I can not call there and speak to anyone anymore. It's too frustrating. I'm going to end up having a heart attack for the love of god.

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