Ocwen Financial Corporationmortgage

Since Oct 20 I had change my insurance company being that ocwen never informed me of an increase of mortgage ! To the tune of over $ 80 dollars . This has been going on since Oct . 20 2017. Also my insurance was increased by : $ 1100, from 1100 to 2111! that's the thanks I get for 12 years of being with the same company !

I maid all the paper work needed to rectify the matter the excuses were just insulting they thought they were specking to a child. As they put me on hold to answer one question after another I know they didn't know they were talking about !

I just want to continue paying my mortgage with the new amount I did my calculations and it was $ 350.10 please apply correctly .my name is : Osvaldo Blas
4401 brigdewood Rd
Midlothian va
[protected] / [protected]

Nov 06, 2017

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