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Ocwen / x employee noticed fraud

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I worked for ocwen for about a year. When I first started I did not notice anything wrong. The longer I worked the more I noticed the fraud that was taking place. The company has a program called real trans / real remit. This is supposed to help the agents they hire get paid through direct payment. Well, I witnessed countless occassions where payment was not made for no reason at all. Ocwen would come up with some sort of excuse to explain the reason, but I know it was all garbage. The agents would do everything right but it would still get rejected. Ocwen outsourced many jobs to india. They are the ones who accept or reject payment. Even when I tried to talk to them I could not understand them. They were hired to cover up all of the fraud that was taking place. If questions were asked the blame would go to miscommunication. Now the company is loosing a lot of money, so I imagine the fraud will only get worse. Be aware.

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  • Jo
      2nd of Jun, 2009
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    Nightmare!!!OCWEN, God is watching you!! NO ONE LEAVES this earth without paying for what they have done. I was behind two months and when I sent a payment, OCWEN sent it back because they wanted the previous month, current, and next month's payment. I have not made a payment since November 2008 because they are modifing my payment. My house is now in foreclosure because everytime I try to talk to someone to check on the status of my modification, I get the same recording. "Do not worry about letters that you get for foreclosure, your modification is still in review." I can never talk to a live person, it's always a recording or I get transferred to another recording that tells me to leave a message. Do these people have no soul? I am willing to pay all the months that I owe; however, no one wants to talk to me so now I am afraid to send the money. What bothers me is that we have put so much into this house only to loose it and have to start all over again. This company is a FRAUD! BUT GOD IS NOT, HE IS REAL AND HE SEES EVERYTHING!!!

  • Bu
      5th of Apr, 2010
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    Dude we are living the same exact nightmare! I’m shocked a companies like Ocwen can still exists in this day and age. Their unscrupulous business practices know no bounds. From outright lying to making up fees. Worse still the US movement aka Freddie Mac chooses to do business with them! We had a modification with them and were told there would be no additional fees and subsequently charged 12k multiple in erroneous fees. They will not win my attorney is a bulldog and a close friend. My Dad.

  • Ed
      9th of Nov, 2010
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    OCWEN goes to show you how some Ivy league wall street tycoons can stick Americans into the ground. This company boast on having 3, 000 employees assissiting the American foreclosure mess, while there is only a hundred or so gophers in Florida peddling data for a handful of Wallstreet executives making millions on processing american dollars through Idia! They set up internet links so agents and maintanence crews have to use indian tacticts to get reinbursed for work performed. When you negotiate with ocwen, don't you get the feeling your buying a pair of shoes from the Bangladesh street peddlar?

  • Nu
      11th of Dec, 2010
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    I filed for a loan mod with a company named Financial Help for Homeowners. They had me complete all the paperwork and I did. I also paid them and then come to find out you are never to pay for a mod so I turned them in for that. They did nothing for me at all. They kept asking for more and more paperwork which I continued to send in. They even had me complete forms for a totally different bank. I thought they were forms from their company and when I called to check on things a lady Barb told me things about someone elses loan. She didnt even look me up. She finally found my file and I asked her who sun trust was ans she said it was my bank. I told her I was with Ocwen and not by choice. She had no idea what she was doing. She never called or e-mailed me. I had to contact her and then she would say she needs more paperwork. This was dragging on to long so I pulled up the forms on Ocwens site and completed thoose. I was never notified at all. They said they tryed to call to say my info. was incomplete. This was not true. I had sent all the paperwork to Ocwens lawyers, the main load mod e-mail and Barb. Not one of them notified me. Ater they said I was denied due to incompleate paperwork. I said it was sent by certified mail and they did get it on time. After that a man by the name Sebastion said he would speak with his underwriter. They were very detaied in giving me 4% rate and a lower payment that would increase slightly in 6 years and I would have a payment at the end of the loan. They said they needed $757.00 by ec. 6th as a good faith payment so I sent a money gram over night. I was thrilled that they worked with me. Then 2 days ago I got a call from someone in Idia who said my home will be gone on Dec. 22nd. I could not believe this. I went round and round with him telling me the other man told me everything was taken care of and I would recieve the paperwork to sign. This other man said he didnt have the right to tell me that and they sent my check back. I have not seen a check to this day. I asked them how can they be so cruel as to throw one out in the street a couple days before Christmas. He said that I just need to be out by the 22nd. Well I hied a Lawter and she is good. Ocwen could have worked been recieving the $757.00 monthly but I hied a couple lawyers and they are taking car of Ocwe. And she said she would get the payment lower. Ocwen has fraud writen all over them. Why the so called government we have has not stepped in to take care of these evil people is beyond me but the goverment hands them millions in bail outs and they continue to send out or call people at 10:00pm to tell them all the work you did was for nothing because they probably shredded it. When on hold with Ocwen they say they help people and have helped. They say they are their for you and will do everyhing they can to help you stay in your home. This is the biggest load of crap I have heard. Well I am in on a law suit if anyone is still intrested. I have seen so many ccomplaints that they want to get people to join in a law suit. I am with you. If our government cant protect us any better than this but give money to Oc[wen to bail them out and then turn around and steal homes from prople. The goverment needs to ceck into this fraud, why havent they helped? No one cares about anyone but them self these days I want in on the law suit. You van reach me at Ocwen is going straight to hell in a hand basket please help me get them the punnished for what they are doing. My next step is th BBB and I am going to contact a radio station to help also. they will pay for what they have done to so maney people. KH

  • Pi
      22nd of Dec, 2010
    0 Votes

    Here is my suggestion! GET A LAWYER NOW!!!

  • No
      25th of Jan, 2011
    0 Votes

    File a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission too...they are the big dogs in all this.

  • De
      29th of Jan, 2011
    +1 Votes

    Extremely agree! I worked Legal Collections for 15 years and Ocwen is nothing more than a glorified Collection Agency. In Indiana, the the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act here on out known as the (FDCPA)states no calls before 8:00 a.m. or after 9:00p.m. Monday through Saturday, No calls on Sunday at all. Ocwen breaks these rules on a regular basis, even the Sunday calls.OCWEN has calls no less than 8 to 10 times in a day, even after leaving detailed messages on our recorder as well as breaking the Privacy Act; and giving out detailed private information about our mortgage to our son as well as my niece whom was caring for me after a Hospital stay. This is blaitant harassment and a violtion of the FDCPA and the FEDERAL PRIVACY ACT. They send people to our home to try and do inspections and property evaluations and charge us repeatedly. We had a fixed rate of 9.25 when we bought our house in January 2007.We started the Obama modification process in mid 2008.That's when the real nightmare began, just like the other complaints OCWEN wanted money up front and for over 3 months they would say they didn't get all documentations;when I would send it overnight requiring signatures as well as;faxing from Kinkos that way we could track and document names and times. After notifying the next OCWEN (collector) calling, of course they knew nothing about it and offered a in house modification. I am WARNING all OCWEN customers not to sign anything no matter how good it sounds unless you show it to an attorney. One example of thir blaitant deciet is they send you a last minute FINALE REMODIFICATION OFFER to save your HOME which would reduce your intrest by about 50% and your payment as well, sounds great!BUT WAIT! Now my mortgaga balance was raised by $7.000.00. they have charges that they can't even explain and you have 3 DAYS to RESPOND. My advise is file complaints with: FEDERAL TRADE COMMISSION, the FLORIDA SECRETARY of STATE as well as the STATE in which you live.LASTLY, DOCUMENT EVERY SINGLE TIME YOU SPEAK TO OCWEN and keep all notices in order in a file for court. OCWEN needs to be SHUT DOWN AND PUNISHED.I have detailed billing on my phone, thus making it easier for me to document the calls and the number of attempts to defraud us. I think this is like BAIT an SWITCH but that's for the LAWYERS or PROSECUTORS to to use in a single or a CLASS ACTION SUIT for:FRAUD, MISAPPROPRIATION of FUNDS, HARASSMENT and who knows what else they could be charged with BUT I"M DONE PLAYING this sick sick game.One last thing DISPUTE YOUR ACCOUNT inWRITTING and send requesting signatures and then FAX it as well.They are REQUIRED to RESPOND within 30 days, but they won't and that is to your advantage.

  • Cr
      9th of Jun, 2011
    0 Votes

    We are going through the same thing. No foreclosure, however tried the modification three times denied. One representative told us they were looking at an in house modication and another said they didn't see it in the system. We requested 1 month ago all our documents related to the mortgage. Haven't receive that yet! This is a pure mess and you feel pretty hopeless.

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