Obey Your Body / Seedy & Pushy Salespeople

Eastland Mall Kiosk, Bloomington IL, United States
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I was rushing through the mall to get to specific store. On the way, a guy hailed me down and asked if my fingernails were mine. (It was a duh question by looking at them.) He handed me a free sample and as I started to walk away, he said to wait, and grabbed my left hand and proceeded to buff my middle fingernail. He tried to sell me a kit for $99. I said, 'hell no', and he lowered the priced to $50, and I still said 'no'. I tried to leave and he blurted out that he'd throw in another for free. I decided to buy the kits because I felt a little sorry for the guy and I wasn't going to get rid of him unless I bought something. I felt buyers remorse immediately afterwards. I woke up the next day with full intentions on returning them. I pulled the receipt out of the bag and it was stamped, "No Refunds only Exchanges". Well, if I don't want the products, an Exchange isn't going to do me any favors. This kiosk needs to be shut down because they are pan-handlers and items can't be returned. I know it's my fault for not being strong enough, but I have a feeling, they can tell by body language on which victims to go after. Also, they don't post their prices as I think they are supposed to by law. Thanks!

Dec 05, 2014

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