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Several times a week at my business a person would call wanting to update my yellowpages account. We usually said we weren't interested, as the business would be moving and getting a new name in a few months and we would wait and do all that later. When he asked once for the last 4 digits of my ssn I hung up on him, thinking it was suspicious even though I knew yellow pages was a trusted name.

Finally one day another one called. I was so sick of them calling every damn day and when I questioned his legitimacy he got frustrated and practically yelled at me. 'all I need is a birthdate and we will leave you alone!! It can even be a fake birthday! We won't sign you up. You may just get something in the mail but you can throw it away! The birthday can even be 01-01-01!' so I said, 'fine. 01-01-01.'

So he told me he was about to read terms and conditions to me and not to interrupt. I interrupted once with a question and he said that he had to start over and not to interrupt again. He had a strong accent and was talking very fast. His spiel lasted a few minutes. I couldn't understand what he was saying, but he had promised me there would be no charge.

Then on my at&t bill the next month I received a charge of $39.95 by something called oan services. I called the number [protected]) only to be forwarded to either an answering machine, or a phone that never stopped ringing. When I did talk to a person, they said they were just a third party biller; they had no control of what more yellowpages did. More yellowpages??? 'oh, 'more yellowpages' is not affiliated with yellowpages, ' she said. I went to the websites. Oan and are both empty, contain no information and look very home-made. No one can even tell me what the charge is paying for!

Finally I called at&t and told them everything that had happened. The girl was helpful and called oan on three-way and talked to them for me. Oan said they would [and suddenly had the power to] credit my account $79.90 to cover the next billing cycle. As of now, bills later, I am past due $39.95 with a current charges of $39.95.

I just called oan again. I even told her that a google search of oan services produced scam inquiries and how the rude man demanded a fake birthday. She said that when operators are rude, they are fired, since the calls are recorded. Yeah, right! They're the ones who get the info they need. They get raises. They said the charge would be removed/get credited again. This time I got the girls name, an extension, and a confirmation number. Let's see if this works, but doubt it.

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  • Li
      May 05, 2008

    Unauthorized charges on At&t bill in the amount of $13.60 - E-mailed them informing that the amount will be deducted from bill and no future charges will be paid either.

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  •   Nov 21, 2008

    I received my monthly bill from Verizon, which includes my home telephone service and my on-line (DSL) service. I am on the life line program due to the fact that I am a low-income senior paraplegic on disability/ss income. So when I receive a phone bill $15.00 more than I expected, I took a closer look at my bill. This may not seem to be a great deal of money to some but for me however it is the difference between having phone service or not!

    Upon further review of the charges I see 2 charges for Operator Assistance calls threw USF Carrier? with a charge of $5.49 ea and a administration fee of $1.65 bringing the total to $ 12.63!! For calls I never made!

    After several attempts to contact this OAN Services, inc. to no avail. I have contacted Verizon and informed them of the fraud and I do not intend to pay it. I feel Verizon should be verifying these charges from outside providers, if they are going to collect the fees for them! Including in the fee in our monthly basic billing for home phone service.

    After all my thanksgiving Turkey didn't cost 12.63!!!

    Check those monthly basic needs billings closely, We tend to just pay them due to the fact that we consider them necessities and reputable companies handling the accounts, so we consider them the least of the problems. I know I was wrong in thinking so.

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  •   Dec 01, 2008

    Well, I just found another fraud billing on my Verizon bill, for that [protected] directory assistance call that mysteriously shows up periodically. This is the third time in 15 years it has showed up, at three different phone numbers I've had. It is always the same, a single supposed use of this directory assistance. This time I know I was at work, and my invalid wife is physically incapable of dialing a long string of numbers like that. Not only that, why would anyone use this ridiculous scam when you can dial the phone company directly to get phone numbers, or look in your phone book? This fraud continues to plague the US, and our government allows it under the guise of 'It isn't illegal, because they provide a service' excuse. Yeah right! A billing service to these scam artists that prey on millions of consumers every year. Go ahead and call them, at one of the various numbers, half of which don't work. If you get through, ask for the full name and address/phone number of the entity they are billing for, I dare you... it is likely that if you call the second company's number you'll find it is ANOTHER billing service, heh heh.

    I just can't wait to make my call, again, and talk with that inevitable foreigner with a thick accent! Maybe today...

    Oh, and if you expect satisfaction from Verizon cross every finger you have. Sometimes they will remove the charge, but most times they tell you 'oh no, we are required to pass on the third party billing, by LAW!' Doggy doo doo. Go ahead, show me the US Code that applies... I haven't found it yet, heh heh.

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  • Be
      Jan 31, 2009

    My mother is being billed on her phone bill that i have charged some calls to her phone from oan services. I have no idea who or what oan services is or what I'm charging to my mothers phone. i don't even live with my mother but, she is still getting charges of $14.99 a month that they say that I've made to her phone. i don't even use my mothers phone when i visit.

    Someone please give me some advise on how to stop these charges being charged to my mothers phone bill when i don;t even live with her or even use her phone. the number that she called says that the calls where made from me but, i have no idea what this company is or what I'm being charged for.

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  • Ja
      Mar 25, 2009

    This Company OAN did this to me before on a prior phone service. ATT stopped them from billing me but did nothing to credit the money that I lost, so now I will talk to the and if they do not credit I will threaten them by going to Charter for phone service. I had some other problems with ATT before and told them I'll go to Charter phone service and they were happy to make things right. We will see this time what they will do.

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  • Ma
      Mar 25, 2009

    OAN and ILD have been charging me on again off again for the past few years for the services I never ordered and never received. I complained to the local Public Utilities Commission who explained that according to the Federal Telecommunication Commission Act of 1992 (one of the immoral acts pushed during Clinton's administration), local telephone companies must bill on behalf of third parties. So here we have a federal government intentionally creating highways for telepirates. Given the current discoveries about corruption in both domineering parties, one should question which one of political figures in Congress or White House gaining a financial interest from these telescams and what benefit Federal Telecommunication Commission receives.

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  • Ch
      Apr 07, 2009

    I received my monthly phone bill from Verizon, and there was a $22.95 charge on there from Oan/Kool Telecom. I have never heard of these people, or did I sign up or agree to this. This is a scam, and should be looked into. I do not intend to pay it.

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  • An
      May 07, 2009

    Hi my name is Ann and I too have just received my Verizon bill with a charge on there from Oan Services( I have never even heard of this service) The charge is for Residential Email Fee of $ 9.25 I know it's not much but what and who is Oan and why are they involved in my Verizon bill.

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  • Ke
      Jun 24, 2009

    I received my Verizon Wireless bill and saw a charge of OAN Services Inc. for $42.75. It said they were billing on behalf of Capital network. I had no idea what either company was but I know I did not order any services from them. they gave a phone number of [protected] so I called it and they said they would reverse the charge, but that they had already billed me for the following month. I told them to cancel it and they said they would. But then when I asked HOW they would reverse the charge, they changed their tune and said only Verizon could stop the charge. So I called Verizon and they said they would file a claim and I don't have to pay the charge for now. Whoever this OAN is, they are fraudulently adding charges to people's phone bills for services not ordered!

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  • An
      Jul 10, 2009

    Same happen to me on my ATT bill. ATT said the govt deregulated the phone system a while back allowing basically any third party to put charges on your bill.

    As a bonus to the consumer, we get to waste our time calling 2 different companies to remove something we didn't ask for.

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  • Bd
      Jul 23, 2009

    Unauthorized charges appeared on phone bill from Verizon, first for something called Greentree data setup. I tried to call, and have charge removed, no luck. First web site no good. Greentree site I was able to reach a page to cancel service we never asked for. This next month we got billed for another $8.73. Verizon denies involvement, thy're just billing service.

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  • Me
      Sep 03, 2009

    I received my phone bill today with a completely unauthorize charge for 15 dollars from "OAN" which apparently was "billed on behalf of supreme savings now, llc" I called the company and had to argue for them for more than half an hour to get the charges refunded, which should honestly not have to take 3 billing cycles. These people are scam artists because they can't even give you the information of the alleged "person" who signed my number up in the first place!

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  • Cm
      Oct 11, 2009

    Wow, so you were on the internet and filled out the form which includes reading the terms and checking the box that you have read them, entered your mothers maiden name along with your address, billing phone number and your email address and hit the submit button. Then if you entered the correct email address (some people make up fake ones when they are filling out forms for free stuff, I understand I've done it) you overlooked a confirmation email that was sent to you explaining what you just signed up for and how to use it and how much the charge would be monthly. Some one should put a net Nanny on your user account. What do you think that companies just sit around all day dreaming up phone numbers, that just so happen to match the address and the owners name? Not to mention the fact that in most cases the account holders mother's maiden name was given. Stop sketching on the computer, entering contests, and signing up for all those free offers. Be responsible with your personal information. Check into what your children are signing you up for and limit their access to the internet. Don't get pissed off at the company that is simply billing you for what you said that you wanted. Grow up and face it when you make a mistake and stop expecting everyone else to pay for them. You should have been billed and you should be made to pay that bill. If you don't want that service then cancel it. But accept responsibility for signing up for it or allowing your child to be on the internet without you knowing what they are doing. I had let my son use the computer one night while I went to bed early. He found a site that offered him some free stuff and he only needed a CC for shipping and handling charges. Thinking it would be okay to only use 1.97 on my card he entered all the information as though I were signing up for this and entered my CC info. When my statement came that next month I had charges I did not recognize and I called to find out what they were. When I found out what date and time these transactions took place I knew that it was my son. Did I try to tell the rep on the phone that I was not responsible for these charges? NO!! My son is a minor therefor I was responsible for the charges and the membership fees that he signed me up for. At least the last time I checked, parents are still accountable for their minor children. I cancelled the account and changed my CC information and my son was totally grounded from the computer until I added parental controls. I also don't leave my purse with my CC in it where it can be accessed by anyone in my house. Stop your whining and belly aching about charges that you think you didn't sign up for, think logically and realize there isn't anyone out there to get you. Big business has not singled you out to bill some fake charge to. You are deluding yourself if you think that you are that important, pay your bills and more on.

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  • Ar
      Oct 24, 2009

    My mom opened up her ATT phone bill and found two charges from this company OAN services that is for
    checking your email over the phone and or voice mail. My mom yelled the ### at me and believed the att rep when they told her that i opened it up. Why the hell would i open up a voicemail account, when i dont have any friends, if i wanted them to leave me a voice mail they would call my house and leave it at the answering machine, im at home everyday all day cuz im a caretaker . I have broadband internet so i dont need to check my email over the phone, if i was outside i would use an open connection or hack someone connection becuz i know how to do that. i dont need to pay this ###!!! ive seen hundreds of complaints against this company and i want to know why nothing is being dont about this. IM GOING TO TAKE THEM TO SMALL CLAIMS COURT, AND TRUST ME, I WILL WIN. ### them!! SOMEONE DO SOMETHING!!!

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  • Re
      Feb 23, 2010

    I am sorry that you are not happy with I was looking online and found a website called I went to the website and found that your business can have an ebillboard for FREE. I was talking to my friend Mike. He told me that he has a ebillboard and likes it.

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  • Ma
      Jul 17, 2010

    I have been charged $18.20 for at least 3 months without my consent!

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  • Do
      Oct 15, 2010

    Charged 14.95 for... Emergenency Msg Sys. This is not a service I had autherized and was charged on my verizon landline phone, when I asked how I signed up, it was on the internet. I did not sign up for something I was unaware of, the bill number I called to cancel states it will take up to 2 months to get off my bill, be careful when you call they are tracking the number you are calling from and may scam you again.

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  • An
      Oct 25, 2010

    I received my 9/19/10 ATT Billing Statement. Enclosed was an additional sheet from OAN with a $17.76 charge from Kool Telecom.LTD-KoolTel America MTH on 9/7/10. I do not know of this company nor did I authorize a charge from this site. Thanks to the postings on this internet site I will call first thing in the morning and insist that they reverse this charge. I don't understand how they can attached this charge to our ATT Home Billing. I would think that after so many complaaints that ATT would do their own research to keep this company from using their company.

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