NYSC Dobbs Ferrywhat a disgusting place.

Wish I could rate it a minus 1. Dobbs ferry is the worst nysc ever. The pool is never enforced about showers pre-swim and swim caps. The classes are over crowded. Equipment is never wiped down. Oh and the parking. Employees do not park in employee lot, so members have to park in the open lot. No towels anymore. Soap not filled in showers. And the kids in the pool make it more like a community center than a sports club. The locker room is a disaster. How does a place like this stay in business? Management is not responsive. The person at the desk will not give an email of the manager. They charge to cancel, but i'm out of here this summer. I think management has decided this club doesn't matter. Disaster - - bad - - terrible - - really bad - putrid - smelly - - poor - awful.

Feb 08, 2015

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