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My apartment (A tiny 1 bedroom - that I share w / my 7 year old) is located directly next to the incinerator which is shared by all residents that live on this floor. For well over 3 years, i've had to come home each afternoon after a long day in college to a trail of garbage by or in front of my apartment door. Initially, this had been an issue due to a broken incinerator door that had to be reported several times for over a year.

There is a janitor that begins his hard work of cleaning up after adults every morning at around 7am... (I greet him daily). Unfortunately, he is our only source of cleanliness and responsibility we have in this location. Now that there is a new incinerator door, I am again addressed with foul smells and garbage left in front of my living quarters due to people leaving large garbage bags either unattended or partially hanging out of a very small incinerator opening. This has caused me a great deal of concern since now I am unable to dump any of my own garbage down the shoot.

Not only is it causing a collective problem with garbage distribution but now I am receiving on average up to 3 mice a month walking candidly through my front door! There are trails where the mice have bitten through metal to get into my apartment since it is so close to the garbage shoot. It became very necessary that I invest in an animal in which I am not too fond of. Extra costs, health dangers (Allergies) , as well as, fees accrued by the living quarters in order to have such said animal.

This is beyond frustrating and I am even considering suing due to poor quality of life sanctions for the 'responsible' tenants.

I am not very fond of being lumped into a certain category because I live in housing. I am intelligent, and looking forward to going about this the right way. I have several photos!!!

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  •   May 11, 2010

    I am SO sorry people are disrespectful to the property in which they and you live! I can't imagine having to deal with this myself. Others should learn to respect what the Lord has given them and start putting effort into keeping the earth a clean place for all of us. If you got either a cat or dog (in which you didn't elaborate on that) it was indeed a wise move. Think of it also as added security. Cats ARE known to attack masked unknown intruders as well as the usual dog. ~ I will pray your situation will end. I don't mean to nor plan on preaching other than who I am or how I truley feel but PLEASE DO know that God won't make you go thru ANYTHING you can't handle! He knows your strength =] (Line mouse traps against the wall by your door. They are also reuseable. That may also get rid of the need for the animal if your allergies are severe).

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  • Rj
      May 19, 2010

    Come to the next Drew Hamilton Houses Tenants Association meeting.
    Ms Barbara Barber, DH TA President and her Board may be able to help.

    Things can get better. Robert

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  • Le
      Nov 03, 2012

    I also live in 2660 in the same 1 bed room on a different floor I'm going through the same problems I told my housing manager and all she said was find out who's leavin trash next to my door, I was upset I work I come in and out keep to myself I have a toddler who wants to deal with these nasty ppl mice also comes through my door and I hate mice one time I saw my neighbor sweeping his trash from inside his house out to the senerator I couldn't believe it also in my kitchen there's a foil smell coming from the vent that's close to the senerator I just hate it what they need to do is send letters to all the tenants letting them know not to do that

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