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how good nycha are to sent you the rent payment bills, and how good are nycha to request paper work from you, proof of this or proof of that, and how good are new york city to take and charge taxes from their citizen and how bad, very bad are to give just a little something of service to their tenants and citizen for which their are paying forSee Top 10 Worst Companies in Brooklyn, NY...shame on you new york city housing authority and shame on you mike bloomberg and all those peolple that we elected to be our representative person, nyldia velazquez, vito lopez and many more are ours murder and undertakers...

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  • Li
      Mar 06, 2009

    I so agree with you The NYCHA are the worst people to deal with, they work just like we do but act like they're better than us. I feel if one does not like their job move on - something my bosses states all the time - to do your job correctly you need to love it or at least enjoy it. I was left waiting the entire day for my inspector to inspect my apartment she never showed up. I tried calling but no one answered. Actually they did but put me on hold and left me there. I hung up and called back phone just keep ringing. I took a day off without paid to accommodate these inconsiderate imbeciles. Politician only become interested in us when it's their time to run. Elections!

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  • Kr
      Jan 29, 2010

    NYCHA and all other programs are ways to legally steal money. I have many many stories as a small landlord. I work with my tenants. Programs are always going to be around, and they will always fail. People that have no clue about housing are running housing. Yes, oh yes they will debate you tooth and nail but its what you see we have to deal with. We are being robbed by people that talk talk talk and explain everything while failing. I agree with all the complaints. The housing system is being milked.
    kris g

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  • An
      Mar 01, 2010

    People you live in a housing!!! why are you complaining??? pay the same rent as others then you would get what you payed for!!! how much do you pay for rent??? what car do you drive? come on i worked in a lot of housings as an independent contractor and i see how much city spends for nothing and how you people live there, you get welfare or food stamps and medicaid you don't have to pay for anything your rent is like 300 dollars for 3 bedroom apartment, you work for cash somewhere and you still complaining??? Shut the [censored] UP

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  • Lk
      Jul 02, 2010

    I am addressing my comment to ANDREW11. Its people like you that make living in low income housing HORRIBLE.
    1. My rent is close to $1, 000 per month not 300 as you stated
    2. I have a job!
    3. I do not own a car
    4. My apartment is impeccable, you can eat off the floors
    5. I am a single mother of 3 children and I DO NOT NOR HAVE I EVER COLLECTED AND GOVERNMENT FUNDS ie food stamps, welfare, section 8 NOTHING.

    Obviously you have never visited every apartment the NYCHA owns. You comments are untrue and ignorant. If you do not like your job, quit! Let someone else have your that actually WANTS TO WORK!

    Who are you to pass judgement on the entire housing community? Regardless of where you live, if you pay rent you are entitled to fair treatment. I for one have been without a bathroom for 2 weeks, because the ceiling collapsed from a leaking pipes. One of my children is disabled, she cannot live in those type of conditions. Housing just gives you the run around, or just put a "Band-aide" on it. I have missed countless days of work, only for them to try and place blame on you as to why they are NOT CAPABLE NOR QUALIFIED to do their jobs. How does this fall in the " YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR" category? I pay my rent on-time every month and all the extra fees they impose on you without prior written notification.

    I agree that the city spends way to much money to contract people like you WHO DONT WANT TO WORK! So why are you complaining???? Your no better than the people who collect welfare & food stamps, because you ALSO COLLECT GOVERNMENT FUNDS TO SIT ON YOUR BUTT & DO NOTHING!

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