Nutribullet / complaint

London, United Kingdom

I would like to make a complaint I have all versions of Nutibullet because I have had to take it back so many times either there's smoke coming out of it or it just stops working, until now I wasn't educated about juicers it's only recently I have and learned there are amazing juicers out there, I use the juicer daily so can't understand why it keeps dying on me l, it's roughly 7 times I have given it back and bought a new one that's 7 times I have wasted my fruit and veg that I have put in the bullet. For me that's a lot of money.
I have now bought another one and very very happy with it. I'm am worried as to why the motor has smoke coming out of it and why there is a smoky smell every time I used it.
Can someone please get back to via email [protected]

Feb 11, 2019

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