NTTAfirst notice nonpayment letter

I received a first notice non payment letter on 12/31/14 for an invoice on the amount of $8.40 which I never received... Which was my third time getting a notice like this. The first two times I quested it because I was 90% sure I didn't get the original the original invoice. After getting the second one on different invoices I said if this happens a third time I'm going to call them. Which I did on 1/2/15 I talked to Charlotte and gave her the account ID and she then pulled up the account and said yes ma'am you received the notice for not paying. I said I never received the original invoice so therefore I didn't have a notice to pay from... She said well that how the systems works and we send notices out when not paid. I asked her if she could just stop one minute and listen to what I'm saying to her. So, I repeated that I never got an invoice for 8.40, I told her I have a file set up for all my Statements, invoices etc and I never got that invoice and that this has happened before. I asked her if she could tell me when the invoice was sent out? She said yes, she could so she looked and found the invoice. But it was never sent out, she said that she was sorry but the post office didn't send the original invoice out. I said okay can you take the 10.00 for the Adminstratove fee since the letter was sent in error. She said yes it you are paying your totally toll bill today. I said no the rest isn't due until 1/21/15 and I will pay then.. She said okay call back whe. Your ready to pay and we can take it off if you call on the phone otherwise we can't. I said inhave to hold on for 25 minutes again to pay so you can take off 10.00 that should never have need added to My account . I said what procedure is that and if I would not have called and paid online and not question it... I would have paid for something that should not have been on there. I said I wonder how many texans are just paying this notices and never got the original invoice. She said well if they call in we will let them know and take it off... Again I'm sure several hundreds it if not thousands pay this. It ice without questioning. So, this is such an injustice to customers to not have received and invoice and charge Adminstrative fees for not paying when they never received. And the customer should not have to continue to call and get this taken off when it should not have been ur on there anyway. this should not continue to happen, there should be better oversight and an non payment notice should not be sent if the original invoice hasn't been sent.

Jan 03, 2015

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