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We live in Oklahoma and visit our daughter and family in Dallas Texas from time to time. We just received a bill that starts back at 8/17/2010 through 10/9/2011. First bill we have received and surprised that it is three separate invoices. Would liked to have received them earlier so it would not be so much. I might add, they stopped having toll booths on GBF some time ago and I would much rather stop at a booth, since we do not live there. At least in Oklahoma, we are man enough to steel your money face to face...


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      Aug 25, 2012

    Don't wait for the bill, call them and pay over the phone or request for your access code to logon and pay online instead. They published a "shaming list" in an effort to force payments recently. Their fees and such are hellish for insignificant pass through charges. Just another agency out to screw the consumer. I have never had a bill problem with them but after reading people's experiences I decided to pay first plus I stopped using toll roads.

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      May 21, 2013

    Had a similar problem in Texas with Texas Tag.
    I used the toll road to go to Austin and then come back to San Antonio.
    Being the first time using the toll road I was expecting an invoice in my home but I did not get it. Since I drive a company car my company got the bill in March 13th. There was an internal miscommunication and then we got a Notice of Violation for $39.96.
    The bill showed a due date of 5/22/13.
    On 5/21 I called to pay my bill by credit card (Tried to do it on line but the system did not allow me). When I called to pay the $39.96 they told me that the amount was not $39.96 but 87 and some dollars! I do not understand since the Notice of Violation [protected] was showing $39.96 and it showed it must be received by 5/22/13 to avoid additional fees.
    This motivates me not to use the toll road never again.
    I will also bring this complain to the Texas Department of Transportation.
    Marco Juarez

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      May 27, 2013

    If you Google NTTA complaints you will see it's all similar stories-people being bent over and getting assaulted in their wallets. Well I stopped using toll roads. I learned if a bill is below some $$$ i think >$5 (not sure) they don't send a bill. Well I you have used the toll call a few days later and pay over the phone and get your account # and log in id so you can log on and pay. You would think NTTA will use technology to smooth out kinks in collecting revenue but it seems to me they are more interested in tripping people and hitting them in their pockets. I smell a class action.

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