NTB / broke igniton & refuses to take care of repair cost

rt 14, Streetsboro, OH, United States

I found out i had a flat tire while i was about to take my mother to a doctor's appointment.Before i took tire off, i called around to price a tires.I then proceded to take off flat and replace it with donut.I noticed that tire most likely could get patched, I saw a coupon for free patch frm i went dwn rd to NTB, told them i had coupon, assistant manager Greg said he'd never seen coupon, check with co-works and replied i guess we'll take it.I left tire there due to hot weather and patch needing to set properly as i was told.A hour and half later, I received call tire was ready.I walked in to NTB, told Greg i would pay to have it put back on, gave him my car key and sat dwn in waiting area.20 mins later, he ask me to Help his tech remove key, because he's been TRYING and can't.So i went outside with tech, popped trunk so he could place donut back in car.I tried removing key and it would not come out of ignition, I tried 3 times.I then went back inside to see greg.His words were (I hope we didn't break it) I replied yea, me too.Thinking i just was in a rush and didn't do it right.I went home, key still wouldn't come out.I looked at car manual, called a friend with same car and still wouldn't come out.I called store, Greg answered phone.I said Greg we have a problem, they key won't come out now..He replied, We'll we didn't break it, not our fault.My reply was, i've had car a yr+, never had this issue, until you guys touched my even said i hope we didn't break it.He replied that there not responsible for it, but he'd look at it, for a fee of course.I've contacted corp, the store manager and car dealer.manager will pay to have it looked at, but wants proof that his guy broke it...even car dealer said that's impossible, unless there's a camera in car.point is i told them, i never, never had this issue til they touched repair is $411.00.I refuse to pay for something i did not break.I'm in contact with lawyer to help me get this resolved.I would think a company would accept responsiblity for something they did, rather than place blame on customer.I have to disconnect battery when i get out of car, so it isn't stolen.This has been a stress filled 3 weeks, so i'm willing at this point to go as far as needed to get this properly handled, even if it means having a til tap done on them.Stay away frm NTB

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