NTB / National Tire & Battery / wheels I bought... defective for 3rd time...

Bacliff, TX, United States

I bought 4 wheels for my dodge dakada 3/4 years ago..these wheels were seems I had waited a little too long 2 years to complain so I was given an offer I think it was to pay for 1or2 and get the others free..I did this and less then a year later the same thing they were replaced again (same wheels) this time I was charged for the lug nuts approx.$75 These wheels were replaced with a different style of wheel..(special type chrome not to peel) well they have been peeling for over a year..I am very unhappy with all this..I take very good care of my truck it is a 2003 and it looks brand new...I was not going to even bother with this again..but I am not rich and my truck means a lot to me I spent around $1000 all together on these I have chrome wheels that are peeling everywhere on all 4 wheels ..this brings down the value of my truck...Im really tired of getting defective wheels..I think for close to $1000 they should last more then a year..I would really appreciate a reply and some help in this matter.. thank you ..Randy Sekaly [protected] ph# [protected]

Jun 23, 2017

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