NTB / National Tire & Battery / bad customer service : need refund

I went to NTB in Union city, Georgia on Sunday, November 25, 2017. I purchased 4 new tires, alignment and service plan. My car was the last to be finished and it became a little bit after closing. I spent $611.50!! On my drive home I noticed my wheel was shaking and wasn't before I took it, So I'm thinking they didn't balance the tires . Also it was drifting to the right, which if the alignment was done it shouldn't be doing that. So I know that they was already closed so I called Monday when I got off work and was headed to take it back up there. Well they told me that they only had 1 technician working and it would better to bring it on Tuesday. So yesterday which was Tuesday, I picked my son up early from his after-school tutoring so I could make it to NTB before they closed. When I got there i was told the same issue was going on, only 1 technician again and they couldn't see me today! First off if the job was done correctly I wouldn't be having to deal with coming back. After spending $611.50 i'm still driving around putting my kids in harms way with these tires. I don't know what the issue is, I came to them to be able to drive in a safe vehicle and its totally opposite. I'm wasting gas by keep driving up there but still not getting the job done. This is very bad customer service! and something need to be done about this, this is not how you conduct a business. I don't know when my truck will be fixed, they told me to just call today before I make the drive to let know me if they can fix it!! This is a huge inconvenience and safe hazard for me and my kids!

Nov 29, 2017

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