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This company directs you to a site that will supposedly give you a 10% discount on your clothing order if you join. When you try to get reimbursed it doesn't ever submit. I gave up thinking it wasn't a real thing then learning many months later that they have been charging me $14.95 month. When I called customer service to address this, the woman stated that when I had joined and submitted a claim, that I wasn't reimbursed because I never followed up. When I told her I only had the initial welcome email, she stated that I had gotten another one that I hadn't responded to. I pulled up my emails and stated that this was not the case and the more I questioned her the more she turned to general statements like "when form was submitted it asks for more information" instead of the earlier "when you submitted the form and you didn't respond." I called her on the fact that she had stated that I received information that I didn't follow-up on when she was actually stating that this is what the supposed process is. She argued with me and I asked that my account be cancelled. She then stated that it was cancelled in 12/2016 when they attempted to bill and did not get paid. Interestingly they never sent anything stating that I owed them money or should renew with different card. Likely because they didn't want me to realize I had been paying for all those months without knowing. Very frustrating. This is a scam and although I don't think anything can be done for me, I'm hoping to get the word out to others.

Mar 17, 2017

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