NorthStar Alarm Servicesdidn't pay the early termination bill from my contract with adt

Mike Long representative with North star came to my home and i signed up to receive their service. Mike wrote in my contract to pay me out of my contract with ADT which he has not. I have caught him in the neighborhood several times and he always promises to bring the payment back but he never does. The bill is only $25.97. Now if they lie about a bill so small you know they will not pay anything larger. I received a call from [protected] and spoke with a man that say he was with north star with a British accent. He was so rude and arrogant. I had to hang up on him. One of his coworker called back from the same number and he was also rude. I told him i would cancel my contract with them due to them not honoring their own contract znd he told me to go ahead that he would charge my account for an early termination amount. I told him if he charge my account i will take legal action against them. This is written in my contract that they would pay me out of my old contract with ADT. I will not reccomend northstar to anyone because they say one thing and do another. To anyone reading this, do not get into contract with north star. They are very nasty to their customers and very rude. Im telling everybody not to do business with them. I cant believe their customer service.

Jun 09, 2018

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