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Since about 3 years, I get each year one or two letters from Northland Group Inc. about some accounts which have beeing assignet to Northland Group INC. for collection. I always returned
and answered those letters in the past. But it is getting old and I know like the last assigned account from " Capitol One Bank" where I had an account years ago. I know for a fact that I closed that account with $0, 00 on it and was glad to let go on that. Well they must find out somehow, that I had a account there and made me a settlement offer. I wrote them back to send me the account
information and account statements I would like to see. No answer there.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Minneapolis, MNThat was about 6 month ago, now they came with a "Target" account which I also had years ago and want to settle?
What? I don`t care if they wride me letters once a year or not, but I am not a American Citizen and
would like to know if you not answer, if you silently accept the balance to pay? That`s why I always answered them and told them that I do not know anything about it.
I just would like them to collect from people who owe someone. I`m just tired of this hole thing
and hope they will be adviced or whatever nessecary to fix this problem. At the end
I`m on permanent disability with no income at all. Even if I would owe, howe you want to grep
a nacked man in his pocket? This are hard times for all of us and maybe they should dtick with the real deal!

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  • Ms
      Jul 13, 2009

    I got a letter from them and called promptly. I was asked for my SS number 3 times which was my first clue that this was not legit. They were offering to settle a $609 debt for $91 on an account that was opened in my name...they inferred that it could be identity theft and they could help me! They claimed that I had opened this account at Saks in NY in 1999. Wrong! And, by the way, I did open an account at Saks in 2004. Interesting that they would open an account for me with this outstanding balance! Beware!

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  • No
      Feb 14, 2010

    Absolutely agree, there are more scam artists like capitol 1 and more. They all have the same strategy. I just wonder where they have the information from. The worst is you realy have to think, because it has been years and all the sudden you owe those
    bandits $$ ? Do Not Pay...
    I know I had a account with Capitol One years ago. I also know I closed that account correctly. Boom there comes the collection agency and tries to get $ 414, ... out of me. If I would not know better, I may would pay!!!
    But how many people do pay? Maybe enough so they make more millions. Insurance companies, banks and footindustry
    they own a lot, a lot too much. Where I come from they call it monopoly. Or ( corrupt/mafia ) power. It`s still happened even
    in the US.

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  • Dd
      Mar 01, 2010

    They are on me for a bogus account balance; one I've argued for years with every foreign telephone jockey imagineable. I will never pay. In fact, I'm considering a lawsuit for damages to my credit and the number of times I've had to explain this nonsense.

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  • Dd
      Mar 01, 2010

    I've never dealt with such incompetent boobs. I've spoken with people from as far as the far east to try and understand the problem. They are representing bogus accounts. I'm considering a lawsuit for harassment and damages to my credit score for their nonsense and am keeping my lawyers informed.

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  • Do
      Oct 25, 2011

    I just recieved a letter in the mail from this company and I am extremly confused. It states that I owe them for a school CLASS, not a semester but a class, that was taken in 2003. First off, I would remember if I went to school while I was in the military and second I didn't attend school until I got out. When I called in to ask them about it, they told me that I have to write a letter to obtain information. Fine. However, when I looked over my credit report, there is nothing on there for a university collection ect. I have student loand that I am repaying but nothing for a university. Called the BBB and they say this is a legit collection agency. However, why is it that I am recieving a letter from some place I have never heard of, 8 years after I supposidly took the class? Attached is a letter I recieved and after speaking with credit people from my bank, they informed me to request any information, but not to pay anything (unless it is an actual debt).

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  • No
      Dec 23, 2011

    I received a letter from this company and I really do not understand, because the letter stated that I owe a substantial amount of money for Household Automotive Financial, and I have no knowledge of this loan, when I call the number on the letter and ask for information on this supposed loan, as to what was bought, and when, and who made payments on this loan, and they told me I have to write a letter in order to get this information, well I would like to get these information as to when these item, or items were purchaced, and where, and by whom, and if any payment was made who made them, because I received my credit report recently and I do not see these items on it, so before I do any thing please send me information on this loan. The account # on the letter is F26287206, my name is Noel Brown 3324 Westland Dr Orlando FL 32818, and the balance on the account is $18, 915.78

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  • Dm
      Oct 13, 2012

    I just got a bogus collection letter for an account at first premire bank. WHO THE HE.. IS THIS... i AM ON DISSABILITY AND HAVE NEVER never HAD ANY BANK CARD, and i was the victum of idenity theft 8 years ago and will never get this cleared up. This account is from 12 years ago, heard of the stastute of limitations?? I AM GETTING AN ATTORNEY TOMORROW, LET THEN DEAL WITH THEM AND PAY, yes, PAY ME!!! THIS IS ILLEGAL IN mo. AND i GET TO COLLECT. don't pay these people, please, , if no one does they will go away, i am tired of those that pray on the older citizens in our country. We worked to serve others and raised our families, paid our bills and now this is the kind of thing that ruins our credit and this is on my credit report as a BAD DEPT 5, yes 5 times, and it is imposible to get th ese cleared off I have tried, and even with all the police and court papers on my idenity theft it is a nightmare I will never get straightened out and my good credit is forever ruined. LETS STOP THESE THINGS FROM H APPENING!!!

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  • Mr
      Mar 01, 2013

    If all of you would quit being a part of a country-wide problem and actually pay your damn debts instead of trying to figure out a way to sue for "harassment". Maybe the banks wouldn't need a bailout and we could break free from this recesion. ###in deadbeats. And the companys legit, they're the number 1 late stage collection company in the u.s. google them. And for Christ's sake pay ur debts that YOU incurred upon yourself!

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  • At
      Jun 18, 2013

    Northland Group Inc: Justice is on its way.

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  • At
      Jun 18, 2013

    Do not pay to these individuals. They are evil, and they will be punished soon. If you have been harassed by them, do sue them. And by the way... there is no recession.

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  • Br
      Mar 17, 2017

    I got a letter and followed up with my bank and turns out I did owe the money (a mere 4 years after I closed my account). However, after reading the above reviews, it sounds like there's something shady about this company so I would follow-up with your bank or whoever you supposedly owe money to BEFORE paying. In my case, there was nothing sketchy and the bank was able to confirm that they do work with this company.

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