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Dallas, TX, United States
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I sold my vehicle on April 19th.. In front of a notary at a credit union. All nice and legal. On April 20th I left the country for three months. Someone collected mail for me. On return there was a second notice for a five dollar toll fee that was past due now owing $15.10 from Zip CASH. There was no date on when the toll road was used. When I called, I was told someone drove on the toll road on April 20th. I was told that even though the vehicle was sold, even though I never received a first notice and did not receive the second notice until it was past due, I owed now $40.10 and it would go up to $500 dollars, jail time, and the vehicle could be confiscated. Etc. Is there no appeal system to let honest people explain the circumstances and let them pay what is owed? Now what if the new owner does not want to pay the $40.10? He is the one used the service in his vehicle.. Only it takes a few days to transfer registration. Am I responsible for his bills? I offered to give the name and address of the new owner so the bill could be sent to him but Zipcash refused to take the address. Can a good lawyer help with a class action lawsuit? Does the public know about this robbery of citizens? Should I pay the money I do not owe to avoid jail time and running thousands of dollars in late fees? Miffed I am! Just seems to me to be "Highway Robbery". RC

Jul 19, 2016

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