North Texas Tollway Authorityinvoices are not accurately billed

I received a zip cash toll bill /3rd notice of non payment detail this past week in the mail. The billing period says 3/22/17 to 4/21/17 and the column under legal action said invoice number [protected] unpaid amount 4.25 invoice number [protected] unpaid amount 6.91 invoice number [protected] 18.82 invoice number [protected] unpaid amount 5.88 now granted there are other invoices on this statement that was sent if you look under my account. I called today to pay these I had listed and was told by a very RUDE customer service representative Terrell at 10:55 am on 5/8/17 that these had all went to collections and all had administrative fees. Now if you notice about the billing statement was 3/22 to 4/21/ 17 and I just received it so how the heck would it have went to collections and administrative fees already been added I tried to explain this to Terrell the rep all he said was would you like to pay an invoice and which one. He was not acknowledging anything I had to say so I requested to speak to a supervisor then I was told that due to high call voulume he was told to say one would call back in 24 hours that I couldn't talk to one right now. I feel like this whole tollway is a SCAM I am trying to do the right thing and pay but every time I call I am told something totally different that I owe versus what the tollway sends me an invoice for which by the way like I said and what billing statement date also says was received so it should be accurate but it is not. I demand some type of assistance with this before I have to take it higher to an attorney or news or whatever I have to do because the tollway customer service is by no means trying to assist me and I am fed up with it. I have an autistic daughter, I work full time trying to take care of her and my other child and my sick mother I have no time for nonsense like this. Please help !

North Texas Tollway Authority

May 08, 2017

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