North Texas Tollway Authority / forced to pay bill on a vehicle I do not own

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I was sent a bill for toll violations on a vehicle I have not owned in almost 2 years. They indicate a billing period of 1/27/2017-02/26/2017.

I called to speak with them and I have to say, I have never dealt with people like this.

NTTA indicated if ownership was in question, I needed to speak with DMV. I now know that this was their bluff and no matter what DMV said, they expected payment.

I spoke with the DMV on 3/9/2017 and they indicated that I INDEED submitted my Vehicle Transfer Notification on April 17, 2015. DMV was actually very helpful and submitted a letter with the VIN and vehicle information confirming I released ownership in April of 2015. I sent this letter along with other supporting emails proving I have not owned that vehicle in years.

They claimed DMV did not have the authority to dictate ownership of the vehicle and the tolls were my responsibility. I was shocked. They indicate that unless the title history shows the vehicle was switched prior to any alleged violation, I am responsible. DMV does not agree but North Texas Tollway Authority thinks they can over-ride them. I released ownership in 2015 per DMV.

After re-reading the letter to the employee (A man named, Michele) three times which states, "If a citation or toll-issuing authority contacts you for parking tickets, toll charges or other violations associated with the buyer's use of the vehicle, please provide them with a copy of this letter to verify you are no longer the responsible party.", he said it is STILL not valid. I requested he speak with DMV regarding this matter and he said he would not be able to do so. I asked to speak to a supervisor three separate times- I was denied this as well.

This is a terrible way to treat people no matter what position of authority you think you are in. I was told my only option was to pay the violations on a vehicle that is not mine, or they will add fees for being late on payment.

  • Updated by TCN86, Mar 13, 2017

    I was contacted by an NTTA employee after posting this. They reviewed my concerns/supporting documents from DMV and indicated they would be issuing a refund on my payment. I will update again once payment is received.

Mar 13, 2017

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