North Texas Tollway Authority / billing practices and fees

Dallas, TX, United States

I have had a tolltag with NTTA for over a year. I was receiving drafts out of my bank account every month to pay for the tolls. Once a month I started receiving paper bills in the mail. I went into my account online and confirmed my account had money and was current so I figured it was just an FYI bill. I received about 4 bills, one a month for small amounts from NTTA. I continued to check my account and everything looked good, no problems. Then I received a collections notice for a $1.80 in tolls and $35.00 in fees. I called NTTA and they said that sometimes the toll tags don't work and it will bill you. They said I had three of these bills in collections totaling $146.83 of which $105 was for fees. I tried to get them to remove the fees since it wasn't my fault the toll tag wasn't working but they refused since they were already in collections. Oh and to make it worse they were charging me the non-toll tag rate.

Dec 15, 2015

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