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This facility is repugnant! We adopted a puppy 3 days ago, who quickly started suffering from diarrhea and vomiting. After bringing her to our own vet, she was diagnosed with parvovirus -- a deadly, contagious disease. Now our poor 8-week old puppy, who we all already grew attached to, is suffering and will most likely pass on, meanwhile North Shore gave her a "clean bill of health." On top of all that, they scam you with fraud insurance which doesn't cover "deadly diseases." So we may very well lose our puppy, as well as over $1000.

May 6, 2014
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  • Sc
      24th of May, 2015

    The puppy we adopted from North Shore Animal League yesterday had to go back to their questionable care. She was extremely sick and almost died last night. Without knowledge and abilities as a vet tech, she would have. Worst part is we were told that she had a little cold and some diarrhea from an upset tummy... normal puppy stuff. Facts are that she has coccidia, a highly contagious and nasty GI parasite giving her explosive bloody, mucus and polyp ridden stool. If that's not bad enough, she has a prolapsed rectum as a result, and most likely pneumonia, etc. To cure her properly, she requires total isolation, IV treatments, and possibly surgery. All this, and she was passed onto us as healthy! These are not acute onset conditions. They knew all about it and hid it intentionally! It's obvious we were deceived and that this poor puppy was loaded with analgesics to make her appear healthy, and when those wore off and she showed her illnesses, they wanted no part of her, minimizing her condition and saying it wasn't their responsibility anymore. We would have loved to try to bring her back to health ourselves, but with other pets at risk (something they knew and didn't care about) and not having the proper facilities to do so we are unable to do so. By NSAL's adoption contract, we weren't even permitted to give her to an outside vet to be brought back to health. Their contract is specifically designed for them to deny any responsibility, place everything on the adopter, while denying the adopter any outside assistance. The very nature of their "fine print" is enough to tell you what kind of organization they operate. It's sad and infuriating that they play a numbers game with these animals and don't really check or treat their health, let alone be honest with adopters and play with their emotions. PLEASE, DO NOT DEAL WITH THESE PEOPLE!! We are devastated and really worried that "our little girl" won't receive proper care, and just be patched up for the next sucker. Even if we can't have her to love and spoil forever, we want the best for her. She was only with us for a day, but managed to get into our hearts with her cute face and sweet disposition. To understate it, we're disgusted and devastated...

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  • Ki
      20th of Oct, 2016

    have adopted from nsal twice, first time puppy 18 yrs ago, all went well, second time 2 yrs ago 8 month old dog named Lilly, was in a crate with another dog, she was filthy, covered in feces, smelled and sick as can be, took us over 6 months and thousands of dollars to get her well. Used to donate regularly, will no longer unless they fire J. John Stevenson CEO, and cut salaries of upper management. Get back to what this organization used to do which is take care of animals.

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