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North American Bancard / unauthorized fees

1 Ewing, NJ, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 6095587751

Salesperson lied to me about monthly fees just to get me to sign up, convieniently failed to mention length of agreement that was hidden in fine print of 20 page contract. Customer service department had me on hold for 4 days before finally getting back to me. "Supervisior" did absolutly nothing to try to get this matter resolved even though I have a document which shows the monthly fee I agreed to.

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  • Ki
      14th of Jan, 2009
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    Dear Merchant,

    North American Bancard works very diligently to resolve all customer issues and complaints. Since our inception in 1992, we have worked with over 125, 000 merchants of all sizes and levels of complexity. We provide a high level of service and support to our customers, as is evidenced by the low number of complaints we handle. Occasionally we, like any other large company, may make a mistake or mishandle an issue. When these are brought to our attention we resolve them to the best of our ability. Our 250+ employees work hard every day to make doing business with NAB a pleasure for our merchants and stakeholders, all we ask is the opportunity to recover well.

    In regards to the fees that have been questioned, all Agreements list the fees that may apply to your account under the Pricing Schedule section. The Terms and Condition, Section titled “Terms and Termination”, of the Merchant Agreement indicates the length of the agreement.

    The “Amendments” Section of the Agreement states that the agreement may be amended only in writing signed by Global Direct, Member, and Merchant, except that (a) the Card Acceptance Guide and any and all fees, charges, and/or discounts (including without limitations non-qualified surcharge rates) may be changed immediately, or (b) Global Direct may mail Merchant either a notice describing amendments to this Agreement or an entirely new agreement, which amendments or new agreement will be binding upon Merchant if it deposits sales or credit slips after the effective date of such amendment or new agreement set forth in Global's notice.

    Unfortunately enough information was not provided for us to accurately determine your specific Merchant Account. If your account was incorrectly debited, or you believe your fees have been inadequately advised, then we would need specific information in order to properly address the concerns or correct any errors.

    Should you have any questions regarding this response, please have your Merchant number ready and contact my office at 800-226-2273 Ext.1050, so that your specific situation may be properly researched and addressed.


    Kimberly Tippin
    Director of Customer Contacts

  • N4
      22nd of Jan, 2009
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    HouseCalls Mower Repair,

    The response posted by the NAB representative must be a form letter as I have seen it in respond to scores of complaints such as yours. Unfortunately, NABs sales practices are geared toward the "smoke & mirrors" approach - the sales representative - who is not an employee but an agent can be deceptive and lie to the merchant but NAB will welcome the account and has the most convoluted cancellation policy with fees based on nefarious loss revenue calculations - which are mostly bveneficial to NAB.

    Stay away from them - find a more open processor which does not have scores of complaints posted about them all over the internet!

  • Dd
      8th of Jul, 2009
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    I worked as a sales agent for North American Bancard and have been ripped off in the tune of $800+. I notice that North American Bancard will respond to Merchants who complain about being ripped off however they fail to respond to their employees complaints.

    Yes, my complaint about North American Bancard is all over the net. I will continue to post my complaint as I believe Sales Agents and Merchants alike should be warned of this company.

    BTW, I've worked in Merchant Services for years and the reputable companies applications are 3 pages long. NOT 20!

    North American Bancard is desperate to stay in business and will continue to use "smoke and mirrors" to do so.

    I recommend that all Merchants work with companies that do not require 20 page contracts that are used as rebuttals to complaints.

    If you're thinking of working as a Sales Agent for North American Bancard, DON'T DO IT!

    Steve Trimble may try to recruit you and he will tell you so many lies and then scam you out of your commissions.


  • Ro
      31st of Jul, 2009
    +1 Votes

    David Capra is a joke! LOL! I also work with Steve Trimble and he has always delivered on any promises he makes. What I have learned from your rants on the web are that you are a fake radio personality with a real issue in the fact that there is fat stuck in your head causing you to become blind to the fact that you are wrong! I have around 30 accounts with NAB as a honest Independent Agent and I have read my agent agreement and I know when I receive bonus commision and when I do not. You should have read that also. You should have known you don't receive anything when your merchant's are declined or close there account after you promise them advances when they can't even meet the needed requirements.

  • Ro
      31st of Jul, 2009
    +1 Votes

    Hey! found this post interesting on another site regarding one David Capra (aka ddave)

    NAB Response
    Re: Response to RipOff0464840 (/URL removed/)

    Please publish this response on behalf of North American Bancard, Inc. (“NAB") to the unfounded complaint asserted by the anonymous poster referenced above. Based upon our review of the allegations which were raised by this anonymous party, and comparing them to emails which we have received from one particular terminated agent, we believe that we know the identity of the party who has raised these issues and respond accordingly.

    This presumed agent (who has since been terminated) was paid a commission, but due to his request that his compensation be deposited to a non-checking account at a non-conventional bank, the payment was returned to NAB. However, while the payment was being returned, the merchant which this agent had brought to NAB terminated its processing agreement. Commissions paid to agents must be returned if the merchants they board through NAB do not satisfy certain minimum durational requirements. The merchant terminated its relationship before any sales were ever processed. Therefore, even if the commission had been received by this agent, it would have needed to be returned to NAB as the merchant did not maintain its processing relationship for the required length of time.

    Furthermore, there is no way that the merchant could have been approved for any sort of future receivables purchase (which this terminated agent refers to as a “cash advance"); therefore, there is no basis for this terminated agent to suggest that he has been denied an additional bonus for a transaction that did not occur.

    Additionally, emails which have been received from the presumed poster indicate that he instigated the merchant to terminate its relationship with NAB. He has boasted of his efforts in this regard. Such conduct would be a violation of any agent's sales representative agreement with NAB and would be grounds for termination.

    In this terminated agent's emails to NAB's officers, employees and counsel, he has threatened to continue “smearing" NAB to its “clients" and to “trashing" NAB and its employees “on the internet". The fact that this terminated agent seeks to gain some advantage by personally attacking the good names and reputations of NAB's employees is particularly troubling. In fact, this terminated agent has described his actions as being “quite fun" (email of June 25, 2009 at 11:32) and used the expression “LOL" to describe his attitude as to “exposing" NAB. Unfortunately for the presumed poster, no measure of insults and defamation can alter the inescapable fact that he earned no compensation or bonus.

    NAB strives to afford all agents with abundant opportunities to succeed. Agents are paid on a timely basis in accordance with their agreements and all efforts are made to faithfully and expeditiously investigate any issues that agents bring to our attention. With respect to the terminated agent who we believe to be the presumed poster of the negative report, our investigation clearly revealed that he was not entitled to any compensation and that he violated the terms of his agreement with NAB.

  • Me
      18th of Jan, 2011
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    NAB is cheater company
    not even put found on merchant bank account on time.
    they use it so many time I have to send them email to inform
    we close batch and you have deposite my money in my account.
    staff is rude and they agree to give $5 statement fee then without inform
    they increase $20 . now they want more business god is great someone
    start this movement to close this company.

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