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I ordered a treadmill from Nordictrack & they contracted with Estes, AKA "Estes Level 2 Logistics". Estes setup a date with a *5-hour* window which I thought was very excessive, but I agreed and moved my calendar around so I could accommodate their asinine time frame. 4 hours into my 5-hour window, I called Estes several times only to be placed on hold in their queue for 15 minutes or so. I finally left my information to receive a call back once my place in the queue was reached. They did call me back, but a representative wasn't on the line to greet me, rather I was thrown back in the queue listening to their godawful elevator music. I called several more times & finally reached a real live person around 7pm, 2 hours after my delivery window ended. I told the Estes rep that the delivery people never showed up & she was quick to tell me I was wrong, that the delivery was scheduled for the following day. I was absolutely positive that it was scheduled on this day so I called Nordictrack to make a complaint in the morning.

The Nordictrack rep was friendly and offered me a discount for my inconvenience (however the $400. discount was NEVER applied!). He also told me that he contacted Estes and they denied that my delivery date was scheduled the day before & that I was mistaken. So around 1pm later that day, the delivery driver from Estes called and told me, not only was he was running 30 to 60mins LATE (this made the delivery between 5:30p & 6p, and they still needed to setup the machine!) but that his personal truck BROKE DOWN and that is why he NO SHOWED the day before. Armed with the truth, I immediately called back the Nordictrack rep to inform them that the driver was admittedly a no-show.

Oh and now on to the delivery... At 6:30pm 2 guys show up in street clothes driving a 1990s personal pickup truck with my treadmill hanging off the back. I was unable to be there during the install, because, believe it or not, I actually have a life outside of waiting for two days for a treadmill to be delivered, so I called a family member to come and oversee the installation.
A) The 2 "delivery men" mentioned that they had NEVER put together this treadmill before, and chuckled about it.
B) These men admitted they WERE NOT licensed, bonded or insured!
C) They left me a bag of 15 leftover misc screws, washers & bolts.
D) They didn't leave my home until 9:30PM!

Hmmm, I understand a few intentional extra parts, but 15 pieces left by two men hired off the street to assemble a treadmill, that doesn't make me very comfortable using this equipment. Nor do I want this machine around my two young kids!

I contacted Nordictrack again to return the treadmill because I do not feel this equipment is SAFE based on the assemble & the performance. When I tested it, the treadmill belt hummed and the incline did not lower once I stopped the machine, HUGE RED FLAG that there's something wrong with it. So I got the pleasure of calling back Nordictrack and spent AN HOUR AND 40 MINUTES on the phone before they could process my return...AN HOUR AND 40 MINUTES!! Stupid me, I agreed to offer Nordictrack my business again, and tried to purchase a different machine, provided that they would ensure the delivery people they send out are licensed, bonded & insured. Apparently it has been too difficult for this pathetic company to have a representative call me back to make the purchase so now I am stuck waiting for the box to return the treadmill I have now and I have also WASTED countless hours on this very simple transaction. I am definitely never giving Nordictrack my business again...and I hope people reading this review heed this warning and stay away too!

Here's my follow-up with my BBB complaint, and the latest incompetence:

I received the return box and scheduled a pickup with Estes for 3/6 between 12-5p. The NO SHOWED once again. I called the following day questioning why they NO SHOWED for the 2nd time, and the rep told me she wasn't sure if I had received the box. I explained to her that I was well aware that I COULD NOT return the treadmill without the box so of course I had it. I scheduled the pickup only after receipt of the box and I reiterated to the scheduling rep the first time around that I HAD THE BOX! Thus, another rep named Taz (with no last name allegedly) rescheduled a pickup for today, 3/13 with another 5 hour window, 12-5p. I received a message on 3/11 from a man named Chuck who wanted to "confirm" I had the box or he was not going to send out the delivery folks unless he spoke to me. I called him back, waited on hold for 20 mins, and ONCE AGAIN, explained I HAD THE BOX and that their company is incompetent if they cannot store these SIMPLE notes in their system. Now, it's 4:45p on the 3rd failed pickup scheduled & they NO SHOW again. Suspicious when I hadn't heard from the company by 4:15p, I called Estes, waited another 20-minutes, spoke to another incompetent rep named John, & heard the newest excuse for today's NO SHOW is that "ICON" didn't send them the proper paperwork so it's "not their fault." I am so frustrated that 20+ hours have been stolen from my life to wait for this incompetent company, who doesn't even have the minimal amount of professionalism (and respect) to contact the client if they cannot make the scheduled pickup time?

Both companies are greedy, incompetent, and gross. In this economy, it's surprising that either one of them get away with this behavior.

Mar 19, 2014

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