NordicTrack / treadmill

United States

Buyer Beware... Please help! I have been treated so horribly by Nordictrack lack of service a non existent customer service. I purchased a treadmill by calling the number on their website. At first everything was expedited through their sales department. We paid for the $200 assembly service and some guy came out and asked us to sign a waiver just in case they damage anything. We refused and were never told by Nordictrack that this was a requirement. The sales department then promised a credit and a call to help us... Nothing! No call, no promised service. I have been calling but no one will take my call. Sales will not help me nor will returns. No one picks up the phone. I need help please I have this huge box sitting in my living room and I need this machine returned. I will not do business with Nordictrack ever again and I hope this helps others who plan on doing business with them as well. DON'T DO IT!!! Someone who has dealt with them in the past what do I need to do to get this returned. I've spent so much, too time on this
Thank you for any help.

Jan 18, 2017

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