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I ordered 3 Balance Bracelets. They were junk, but they were only $7 each so I was just going to through them away. 4 months after I had ordered them, I received a survey regarding this product from NoMoreRack directly. I responded, and received an email back apologizing and urging me to return them for a refund. I did so a MONTH ago (tracked by USPS) and have heard nothing nor had a refund! So today I called them, and after a very long hold, a woman named Meria speaking very broken English proceeds to read repeatedly from her script, "I am sorry mam, but there is a strict 30 day return policy". I asked to speak with a supervisor, and she stated that they were going to tell me the same thing. I told them that I wanted to speak with one now! She put me on hold for several minutes, and came back and stated that the supervisor was on the phone. I told her that I would wait and she put me on a long hold again. When she came back on, she stated that the supervisor was still on the line, but that there was a strict 30 day return policy". I asked her why it was then, that the company sent ME an email 4 months after I purchased them, apologizing for the quality of the item, and urging me to return them for a refund? She had no answer. I immediately sent a long email to and explained what had happened, along with a copy of the original email from them. Let's see what they do now. I asked them if they were willing to lose myself and my 5 co workers that order from them, over a $21 refund? Now I wait for their response...I'm holding my breath. Guess it is time to jump on my social sites to let everyone know about their customer service. Too bad.

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  • Mo
      21st of Aug, 2012
    +1 Votes

    I went to the site when they first started. Ordered a couple of things and everything was okay until last December. Ordered something three months later, I called and they did something and I received it a month later. Last month they had a special, I tried to order it before the time ran out, but it wouldn't let me. Today, I used online chat to inquire about a product. Take a look at the result of the chat: You are now chatting with 'Clara'
    Clara: Welcome to Nomorerack live chat. Thank you for reaching out. How may I help you today?
    you: Regarding the Mark Ciel Ostrich Party Tote Bag. Is this item real ostrich or pvc? Thank you.
    Clara: I apologize but unfortunately the only information I have on this product is the information on the website. I can let you know though, that you may return any item within 30 days of receipt of them item for a full refund of the purchase price.
    you: Yes, but I will have to incur additional shipping cost. That doesn't sound fair, especially in light of the fact that you all do not have information about a product you are selling. Someone should be able to get an answer to a question such as this. The customer should not have to bear the burden.
    Clara: I apologize for the inconvenience
    you: So, your answer is to not try to find an answer to a customer inquiry? Is there a supervisor or someone I should call for assistance?
    Clara: You can reach us by telephone at 1-800-538-9798.

  • Vi
      3rd of Sep, 2012
    0 Votes

    Hello Moowo,

    Vincent here from Nomorerack and I wanted to thank you for bringing this to my attention and I do apologize for the concerns on your order.

    I would like to look into this further and get this resolved for you but in order to do so, could I ask that you email me directly (email below) with your name and details so I can properly review and get this taken care of.

    Vincent D.
    Customer Experience

  • No
      23rd of Nov, 2012
    0 Votes

    Hi Rebeiss,

    We sincerely apologize for the negative experience you had with our site. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority and we want to do whatever we can to make your experience shopping with Nomorerack as perfect as possible.

    It usually takes 2-3 weeks for the refund of returned items to be processed, we are sorry to hear that as of the moment, you still have not received your refund for the item that you returned. Rest assured that we are more than willing to have this matter immediately settled for you. If you can please email the details of your account to, we would be more than happy to help resolve this to the best of our abilities.

    Please know that we would do anything we can to help you out, and we want to thank you for your continued support.

    Best Regards, - Customer Care

  • Ma
      27th of Nov, 2012
    0 Votes

    stay away i order I Love Love 3 Piece Jewelry Set. for my sister birthday and first day she wear ed the ring bended and one of the heart fell of . the quality it was soooooo cheap! never buying again form here!

  • Cr
      30th of Nov, 2012
    0 Votes

    ordered stuff, no the same as pictured, when I said something about it not saying in ad that the tripod wasn't included, they doesn't say it was, , , real bad customer service ...ask for refund, said they would issue a store I kept my junk, why pay to send it back only to get more junk...STAY AWAY FROM THIS SITE...!!!

  • No
      1st of Dec, 2012
    0 Votes

    Hi Ronnie,

    We apologize for the negative experience you had with our site. Rest assured we are working around the clock to deliver you unbelievable deals and make sure your nomorerack experience is always amazing.

    We are sorry to hear that the item you have received was not as expected. We assure you that we are more than willing to settle this matter for you, the soonest possible time. If you can please email the details of your account to, we would be more than happy to help resolve this to the best of our abilities.

    Please know that we would do anything we can to help you out and we want to thank you for your continued support.

    Best Regards, - Customer Care

  • Li
      20th of Dec, 2012
    -1 Votes

    A friend of mine introduced me to this site. I felt the deals were too good to be true, but a few items popped up that were interesting enough to look into. While browsing the site I opened new tabs to view the items, after going through everything I began adding items to the cart. I walked away for five minutes to tend to my dog, and when I came back and began the checkout process there were items removed from my shopping cart that were unavailable for purchase. There is no possible way that more than 20 items could all be unavailable in a matter of five minutes. I was looking at sheet sets, not iPods. I went to contact support and was forwarded to a pop-up of porn when submitting my email, that's not something someone needs to see when supposedly dealing with a reputable business in Housewares...

    I know for a fact that it is not my computer, I'm a computer tech and it's pretty hard at this moment in time to come up with some type of a trojan for Mac, on top of the fact that the only other site visited was at that moment in time.

    Stay away.

  • Mz
      20th of Dec, 2012
    +1 Votes

    You better be glad it was removed (DISAPPEARED) from your shopping cart, I wish that would've happen to me and I'm sure many other who have became victim of a SCAM...If you would"ve order anything you wouldn't have gotten it...This website NOMORERACK is a BIG SCAM...CROOKS/THEIVES

  • No
      21st of Dec, 2012
    0 Votes


    We are deeply sorry for the negative experience you had with our website. I apologize that the item you selected was removed from your cart. Nomorerack offers some of the best deals around the internet however our supplies are sometimes limited. The first customers to check out with an item in their carts receive the item. Once the inventory of that item is depleted, the item is removed from the cart of any customers who have yet to check out. Rest assured that we are more than willing to have this matter immediately resolved for you. If you can please email the details of your account to, we would be more than happy to help resolve this to the best of our abilities.

    Customer satisfaction is our number one priority and we want to do whatever we can to make your experience shopping with Nomorerack as perfect as possible.

  • Mz
      21st of Dec, 2012
    +2 Votes

    Whom ever commenting from No More Rack CS...You guys need to STOP IT...The comment you post don"t even seems promising...I'm mean "REALLY" the bottom line is the website is a SCAM...I will NEVER shop there again...I was sent a email stating my Boots was shipped on the 12/06 and to this date 12/21 I haven"t got them...Explain that...

  • Se
      21st of Dec, 2012
    0 Votes

    Their website is a scam, they are probably set up in a trailer in the desert, taking people's money without delivering the merchandise! I will NEVER shop here again and I hope the Attorney General investigates this place and shuts down their website!

  • Sk
      21st of Dec, 2012
    0 Votes

    I ordered three different items and everything was in good order, not cheaply made although it did take longer than I thought it would, but it was worth the wait. I intend to continue to order from them, and do not mind the wait for the amount of money you save.

  • Be
      25th of Dec, 2012
    0 Votes

    I ordered Ugg-like boots on November 26th. and on December 12th and December 18th, when I called, my order was still processing. Their customer service pretended to escalate. On December 23rd, I reported them, the NOMORERACK Page, to Facebook as a SCAM which is where I found these sorry people. on December 24th, Christmas Eve, they pretended to ship my order via the United States Post Office which I know is a lie. I used Paypal as I always try to, and got my money back. Use Paypal, not your credit card if you can help it. Paypal will get you back your money. and in addition, these thieves will not have your credit card account in their compromised files. their files were compromised, at one time.

  • An
      21st of Aug, 2013
    -1 Votes

    I've had similarly bad experiences!
    I bought a set of sheets advertised at 1600 series, which I thought meant 1600 thread count. When I received them they were synthetic material and def not 1600 thread count but I needed them and only spent $30 so I decided to keep them. Unwashed them and when I went to put them in my mattress for the first time the electric in the fitted sheet snapped. Now that they are out of original packaging and "used" because I washe them they are non-returnable.
    I bought a watch from them advertised as "Unisex", and it showed up a large clunky piece of crap. I was then told by
    "Customer Service" via email that the item was "final sale" but that was not on their site when I purchased the item. When I threatened them with bad publicity an loss of customers they replied with the option to return item at my own expense for shipping, then I could wait for them to determine if my item, and my return shipping costs were eligible for refund.
    Oh and I'm still waiting on another piece of junk from them that has been at the post office 30 min away from me (according to their crappy tracking via DHL) for nearly a week. I can't wait to see what POS I will be receiving.
    Oh, and rather than returning the $15 watch and paying $5 to ship back with tracking, I took it outside, nailed it to a post, and hit it with an axe.
    I wish I had read their reviews beforehand.
    And the "customer service" department needs to be renamed to "Customer Disservice".
    Horrible. Awful. Terrible.
    I'm very very angry I have them a single cent of my money.
    And no, No More Rack. DON'T CONTACT ME.
    I'm done.

  • An
      21st of Aug, 2013
    0 Votes

    I meant I washed the sheets and the elastic in the fitted sheet snapped.

  • Ro
      16th of Oct, 2013
    +1 Votes

    I order from them all the time. I have spent hundreds of dollars on their products. So have a lot of my friends. I have never had a problem and neither have my friends. It has been my # 1 place to shop. Today I received the most beautiful leather tote by Mark CIEL. THE PRICE WAS SO LOW THEY ALMOST GAVE IT AWAY. I also bought a watch same thing. These are all expensive items. I spent Less than 75.00 dollars. So I looked them up on line to see their regular price. To my surprise the regular price would have been over 500.00 dollars. There are some people that just can't be pleased !!!

  • Sa
      27th of Mar, 2014
    0 Votes

    I have ordered from around 20 times in the past 5 months, totaling close to 100 items. I have had mostly positive experiences. It is one of my favorite shopping sites!!
    Some of the negative reviews are old, perhaps they have improved? I'm going to comment with my experiences in detail, including items people mentioned in other reviews.

    1. Returns- I haven't needed to return anything-no experience

    2. Jewelry - I ordered 2 necklace chains and they were even better than I expected.
    But, I ordered a bracelet & necklace w/ pendant. Both items looked better in the online picture than they did in real life. Honestly, at the price I paid I was only mildly disappointed and chose to keep them. ($7 & $12) I know jewelry is photographed in such a way that it always looks different in person. This has been my experience with other sites as well. I probably wouldn't buy "real jewelry" online from anyone.

    3. Shipping- most of my items came very quickly, I only had one order that took longer than estimated, it was about 2 days later.

    4.Stuff selling out- it warns you on EVERY page that items are sold on a "first come first served" basis, they are NOT saved when you put them in the cart. They suggest you check out quickly if the item is important. I believe this policy is why the shipping it set at a flat "per item" rate. If you make an account the checkout takes under a minute! During the Black Friday sale I hit "checkout" after every 2-3 items so I didn't lose them. (If the checkout process wasn't so quick, I would find this annoying! But, its so simple that I am okay with it. I suggest keeping a tally of how much you spend if you checkout after each item!)

    5. The 1600 series sheets: I have 4 sets of these!! This was actually my first purchase on the site, I ordered 2 sets and when they came I loved them so much I went back and ordered more! So I have been using them for months. They are the microfiber type and they say 1600 thread count right on the package and the inner tags match the outer package. (I also got 2 sets of 1800 series sheets).
    To be honest there was 1 issue with a sheet, out of 6 sets of sheets I got 1 fitted sheet that is slightly crooked and the seam is off a little, but it still works and looks fine. I actually assumed that they might be "irregulars" at such a deep discount. These are hands down the best sheets I have ever owned! I can't even find sheets of similar quality in the stores near me. The king sized sheets in the stores cost at least $10 more, and are nowhere near the same quality. (I do launder them according to instructions, if you wash them incorrectly they are going to wear out quickly and probably rip.)

    6. Other items I can think of that I ordered and I am happy with:
    I got 2 comforters @ $40 each. A waterproof Bluetooth shower speaker. Clothing. Winter boots.

  • Ej
      4th of Apr, 2014
    0 Votes

    I just tried the site fir the first time. I purchased a beautiful leather handbag. When it arrived it was better than the picture on the site. Just over 21 days the hardware on the strap broke. I emailed customer service along with a photo and was first told by customer service that there was nothing they could do, but when I insisted on this being a defect with the bag they told me to ship it back for an exchange. I asked for the address to send it back to all of the sudden I'm sent a link of the site policies. I was always Leary about buying things online won't do that again.

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