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Nokia 6500 Slide / no handset replacement despite same problem occuring

1 Singapore Review updated:

I bought this hp at westmall singtel shop on 5th nov 2007.

After I reached home, I charged my battery for 12 hours as instructed by the staff.

On the 6th nov, I started to use my phone. I found out the other party couldn't hear me clearly. I can even hear the buzzling sound of my phone. Occasionally my hp got hang and auto shutdown, button become less sensitive. I even saw the screen turning black.

On that particular week, I need to travel so I am unable to bring the phone for repair.

That was the first time I sent my phone for repair after I came back to singapore. I went to the wheelock nokia care centre.

After few days they rang me up to get my ph. I was so happy the hp prob were fixed as told by the staff. However I encountered the same prob again (The screen turning black) on the same day I got my phone back. I even found out there are scratches at the side of my hp (It was a brand new phone)

So I rang up the nokia care and informed the staff. They advised me to bring the hp to the wheelock nokia care centre. They will take note and send the hp to the headquarter for repair.

I did what I have been instructed. Second time I brought my hp for repaired.. After few days, I got my phone again.. This time I supposed my phone has been repaired... But again after a while the phone worsened. The screen flicking and turn black more often...

I rang up the nokia care again and spoken to ?Sharmani. He listened to my compains and advise me to bring the ph to the same place again. He rest assured me this time round will get the problem fixed. I heed his advice and send my hp for repair.

3rd time, I brought my phone to wheelock nokia care and spoken to the deputy manager jame. I told him my prob. He asked me to trust him and willl get this fixed. I told him about the scratches on my phone that has been damage by the staff during repair. He say he will see to it.

Finally I got back my phone today. The scratches prob was not fixed. The staff told me jame is off today and unable to see to it. He is only a junior staff. I do not want to make thing difficult for this junior staff so I just took my phone and went ahead with it.

This time round, I thought they have already change the motherbox so the phone prob should be fixed. But to my disappointment, I encountered the screen turning black again. And sometime blank.

I have been trusting nokia product and the services all the while... Do u know I am very upset and disappointed with nokia product and the services? How am I able to trust nokia?I just want my hp prob to get it fix or at least change a new handset. I brought this phone on nov 07. Barely I have been using the phone. Most of the time my hp is in the nokia care service centre. My brand new phone has become an old phone with damages causing by your staffs.

I have wasted alot of my time, energy and money to go down to the nokia centre despite the trust I have entrusted to nokia. Is the centre set up to solve user problem or causing user to have more problems??

I hope the management will address to the above issues and action to be taken necessary.

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  • Ag
      5th of Jan, 2008

    Mate ..
    Sorry to hear of your problem.

    Being me ..i think i would be in jail by now.

    Service centers should never treat people like this
    (But some times do.) i too bought a nokia 6500, my first nokia for many years now.

    I think you handled it very well because if it was me ....a few people namly the manager of that branch would be begging for the week to end cause i'll be on there case.!!!!

    Any how ..i just hope you got it sorted

    If not "Trading standards" comes to mind.

    Good luck

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  • Pi
      14th of Jan, 2008

    I bought Nokia 6500 Slide on 15/12/2007 for Thailand vendor. After I charged the battery for 12 hours. I started to use my phone next day and I found that the bettery are low quickly after use half day only. I able use my old phone (Nokia brand) more than one day or two day. So I went to complain the vender and changed a new one. But I found the same problem. Then I sent my phone for checking at Nokia Thailand care centre. First times,the staff reinstall new program on my phone and I got it back to test one day. It didn't solve the problem. Second, he changed new bettery but the problem still had occurred and finally I sent it back to care centre on 26/12/2007. The staff said that there are two spare parts will be change but no stock and I will wait about 10 days. I followed up 2 times but still no stock I will wait again. Today is 14/1/2008 I bought it one month but didn't use it until now. I think it was unlucky to buy Nokia product and got the defect lot, bad QC and who is responsible for this case?

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  • Ra
      9th of Jun, 2008

    i have the same phone nokia 6500 slide and it has also got same problems and more it will not allow me to call recive calls or messages for sometimes days on end even with full signal saying error in connection i have sent my phone to be fixed after months of arguing on the phone that i will not send a brand new phone to be fixed i would like a replacement i gave in since then decided problems are to bad need to get fixed.i got my phone back last week and problem are still the same slow owrking phone crashes and screen turns white or black. i have spoken to many people with same phone as me 9 in total as i could'nt understand why it had not been fixed to find everyone i had spoken to woth the 6500 slide especialy the silver version had the same problem one friend i spoke to had ahd four of these phones and gave in with the fouth which still has problems i think this problem is a major manufacuturing problem and nokia need to sort thsi out i cant understand why they are not awar of this already with the amount of complaints they must be receiving

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  • Sa
      18th of Jul, 2008

    i have brought nokia 6500 slinde a smart look handset on 12-07-08.after 3 to 4 days it is hanging 5 or more time, so what i can do, i have purchased it on a cost of 13600, all my money is gone into water, so what i can do.also i have given to repaire in nokia care but no use.i sujjest to all of our people dont get nokia6500slide phone.

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  • So
      6th of Apr, 2009

    i bought a nokia 6500 slide on the firs week the battery is low after half day.i changed my nokia 6500slide by the new one.but the new one has another problem, my second nokia 6500 slide has 2 problem:1.sometimes the screen goes black or white.2.sometimes i have full signal but some people tell me that your cellphone is off when we call you and i cant call anyone too.

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