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Good morning! This is SO unbelievable!!! and happening NOT a first TIME! Please, do something with your busses and drivers! this morning, AGAIN, the bus # 158, which supposed to leave at 9:30, didn`t come until 9:55! And people are LATE to work! and i got in a big trouble, because my boss DOES NOT believe that busses are such a mess so often! Also, please, do something at after work hours. The bus is only ONCE every hour, which is a big trouble itself, and even after that, there is OFTEN NO BUS coming at all!!! and people are waiting on cold for more than an hour, is that ok do you think???! no, it is not! there are always bunch of "not in service" buses, why is it so hard to give us more than just once every hour?? and the one, which supposed to come at 6:45 by Palisade Hospital, just not coming at all very often! Please please please, DO something with that! this is so very not respectful to people!

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  • Ro
      Oct 17, 2012

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  • Fo
      Oct 17, 2012

    That is the way it goes when you depend on bus service. However to avoid being late for work take an earlier bus. You can't tell me that there are times that the bus never shows up after work. If people are missing the later bus, more than likely that means that the people waiting for a bus missed the bus, not that a bus never showed up. When a bus runs late, it is usually because of traffic.

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  • Si
      Sep 18, 2013

    I totally agree. Bus 158 is NEVER on time and sometimes never comes. And this happens at 2:22PM during the day with no traffice at all... Why is that happening when Bus 126 is always on time on almost same route ????
    Two days ago the bust leaving 8:45AM from PA was 20 mn late and we could still see buses 158 arriving with a "No passengers" sign. why is that???
    I end up once a week taking the ferry instead (9$ a trip) because the bus never arrives. NJ Transit needs to do something about, this is total incompetence.

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  • Sa
      May 30, 2014

    Good morning !! This is getting ridiculous and now it's happening more and more. I usually take the 158 bus at 7:45 am, this morning I had to wait 30 min to get in the bus!! There were 6 buses passing and none of them stopped as they were showing that were full and I could see that the bus was empty in the back !!!
    I could not believe that none of the bus stopped to take me in., , this is very frustrating as I could see there was plenty of space !! This is ridiculous and it's not the first time it's happening and we get late to work !! Not only that you can never find a seat now not even standing !!!Please please DO something about this situation as I think we all have the same rights !! Please tell your drivers to show more respect to people and our jobs !!!I like to be on time at work and now lately seems impossible even if I take the bus earlier !!!please DO something, , , put more buses!!

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  • Ge
      Nov 21, 2016

    This should be adressed imediately!!!

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