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Nissan Motor Co. , Ltd / my poor experience

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My name is Cheryl Wright. I am a travel nurse. I bought a 2007 Maxima at Pat Peck Nissan in Gulfport, MS, in April 2007.

Shortly thereafter, I started hearing a popping noise when I turned the steering wheel. I carried the car to Pat Peck to be checked.

The noise was subtle and infrequent but one Nissan technician heard it. They kept the car to check it that day, but they could not find the problem. I carried the car back several times, but they could not figure out what was causing the noise.

I was concerned that the problem would worsen after the warranty expired. Joe Lyons, service manager at Pat Peck, promised me that if this happened, that they would take care of it under the GRT.

The problem has recently gotten much worse. However, I am on assignment near Tampa, Florida, which is over 500 miles from Pat Peck. I called Joe Lyons, and he did not recommend that I drive the car 500 miles with this problem because it could be a safety issue.

I called the Nissan Corporation, and they instructed me to take the car to Ferman Nissan in New Port Richey, Florida. Ferman checked the car and said it was a flexing of the body and that they tightened all bolts to specifications.

The noise got worse after this, so we carried the car back to Ferman. Paul, Assistant service manager, said that they could not find the problem, but they had a call in to Nissan. He said Nissan would call them and tell them what to look for, that it would be a process of elimination.

Paul told me that he would keep my file open and call me to bring the car back after he heard from Nissan. However, the next call I got was from Nichole, regional specialist for this region of Florida.

She said Ferman would need to run diagnostics on my car and that I would have to pay for it.

Since this problem started while the car was under warranty, I feel that the Nissan warranty should cover the cost of finding and repairing the problem. It is not my fault that Nissan technicians could not find the problem when it first started.

I am not asking Nissan to fix a problem that started after the warranty expired. I am only asking that they honor the agreement that they made when they could not find the problem.

I am well satisfied with my car. I have had no other problems with it. I trade cars frequently because of the miles I put on it traveling.

Please assist me in resolving this matter. I can be reached at [protected]. My husband, Steve, can be reached at [protected].

Thank you for your assistance.


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