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I purchased my vehicle new in 2006, along with an extended warranty. I have had throttle position code several times while under warranty and "repaired" several times. Just as my warranty is about to expire, I had an issue again with the same throttle body system. I asked the dealership to correct the issue once and for all since my warranty was nearly expired. Now, that I am 2k miles over warranty, the same sensor goes off indicating throttle body issue. I have asked the dealership to correct the mistake. Nissan is well known for throttle body issues. My vehicle has history with this problem. I've contacted Corporate and they've denied my case due to 2 reasons: 1) out of warranty 2) not enough history at dealership. My response was that I was fully aware that I was out of warranty when I called but it is the same issue that has never been corrected properly while I was repeatedly dealing with while under warranty. Secondly, they responded saying Nissan Corporation doesn't feel I have had enough work done on my vehicle at the dealership to warrant a "favor." I AM NOT ASKING FOR A FAVOR! I want this vehicle repaired correctly! I have been out of a vehicle for three weeks!! It took Nissan Corporate 3 weeks to deny my claim?!?! This is completely unacceptable. Nissan does not back their products! The throttle body system has given me problems time and time again. My vehicle will stall at any place at any time. The most dangerous situation was losing power and stalling on a busy highway.

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      Jun 23, 2014

    I have the same thing with my 2002 Nissan Altima and it has never been fixed.
    Dear Nissan and Dave Cannon Crossroad Nissan of Wake Forest,
    I have been a loyal new car and service customer since 1988. In 26 years I have purchased 4 brand new vehicles from Datsun/Nissan, 1988 200sx, 1998 Pathfinder SE,
    2002 Altima 3.5se, & 2011 Quest (fully loaded with all options). This year I was going to purchase a 2014 or 2015 Titan truck, but I was stopped in my tracks
    when a "Service Related" event made me think twice about it. I called the service help desk to check for recalls on the 2002 Altima and they provided me with 2, 1
    for the crankshaft/camshaft sensor in which my service engine soon light was indicating this code, and 2 a fuel screen replacement for vehicles in the cold weather
    My car currently stalls with that sensor code and still no repair has been completed on it.

    When I proceeded to the Dave Cannon Crossroad Nissan in Wake Forest North Carolina for this recall provided by the Nissan Service help desk.
    I told the Service Manager that my story of the long period of the stalling event, the service light on, and the code. He instructed me that he would take care of
    When I came back to pick the car up, NO WORK was completed on my car because the service technician instructed me that since I no longer live in a cold state that my
    car did not rate for the recall replacements to be REPLACED.
    A couple years before this, I had a major part that was on the recall list and they replaced without a problem and anyone saying that I didn't live in a cold state?
    To me, this is worst way to cut back and attempt to save money. I know it will cost Dave Cannon Crossroad Nissan of Wake Forest more money to replace these recall
    parts but is it worth taking the chance of a safety incident?
    With all the recalls going with most of the large auto companies, Nissan doesn't need the news to pick up they refuse to replace recall parts because someone moved
    to a just as cold state than the one they lived in.
    I bought the 2002 Altima in Virginia "a cold state" it is no colder there than it is here, I just don't get it.

    Both of these recalls could cause a failure in acceleration and could stall the vehicle, then possibly causing a fatal accident.
    Now I am having second thoughts of not taking my cars in for service (where you make your money on parts & labor) at Nissan and using other places for maintenance.
    I am also having doubts about purchasing my next vehicle the Titan Truck from Nissan. Ford sells a F150 or F250 that provides "unquestioned great service" to
    thier loyal customers.
    The way I see it I have 5 kids and all of them will need vehicles and Dad has a say in what they will drive. Nissan will probably not be in that choice just
    because of 2 small 30.00 dollar parts and labor and the oversight of a service engine soon light.
    Very disappointed and once loyal customer,
    Carl Hughes

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      Sep 20, 2017

    I would never purchase another Nissan- I went to Clay Cooley Nissan and 6 months after purchasing new car they kept calling and saying you can trade in your car and we will keep payment the same- I told them not interested in extending payments and stop calling me- that didn't work and called Nissan national and they tell me nothing we can do? Now I get 2 or 3 calls each week about extended warranties- I'm on the national do not call list but they keep calling. What a headache- I just keep blocking numbers-

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