Nike / nike air max shoes,2017

I bought these Nike shoes in Kansas city about 6 months ago, brand new, I ware them everyday, well I did .my name is Darin stratton from poplin Missouri, I have always worn expensive Nike brand products .these are the most comfortable shoe I've ever worn great fit, I weigh around 150 pounds, and i would expect that paying $200 for a shoe, they would last more than six months .but the short time I've had them the air pocket on the left shoe blew out for no reason, I would love a new pair, but I'm not buying another Nike product at all, I know this probably won't even be read by a person .but anyway your products have lost the good reputation from me, ([protected] .my phone number is [protected]) until I get a response I will not purchase any Nike items .to whom it may concern

Nov 24, 2017

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