Nike / 2016 and 2017 men air max shoes

I have been a faithful and satisfied customer of all Nike products for over 25 years. Since I was young I've always wore Nike shoes. Nike has always provided great support and they lasted along time which is why I've never minded the price. But of late the product has failed me. I purchased 4 pair of air max (2016 & 2017). All 4 pair have had some sort of defect after a short period of time. It seems the bubble burst which leads to no support at all and a very uncomfortable shoe and it also makes a noise due to this flaw. Those shoes cost me over $800 in total. I purchased these shoes at various sports stores and on your official website. I am asking that you remedy my issue in some way. I have not lost hope in your product but I do have a problem spending so much money and then have the product fail.

Nov 14, 2017

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