NewChiccounterfeit items. refund refused

I paid extra for "expedited delivery" and then waited nearly a month for the item to arrive. When the item finally arrived I discovered that it was a fake/knockoff item and moreover it was second hand. Most of the lining was ripped and torn away from the jacket, it was covered in scuff marks and the shape was not as indicated on the site, ie - it's been stretched out of shape out of prior use. NewChic refused to acknowledge any responsibility. After I contacted them, they waited over 14 days to reply to me and then in their reply stated "Sorry you've gone over the 14 days in which you're allowed to raise any issues"

I'm in the middle of trying to rectify the issue with PayPal, but they're expecting me to pay for the return delivery myself, which is £40. Meaning that the amount I'd have left over from my refund would be meaningless. Avoid at all costs!


May 18, 2017

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