New York Sports Club [NYSC] / they locked me in the gym!! horrible experience!! sad😰😰

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Friday 10, 2017 at 9pm my friends and I were in the bathroom taking a shower when suddenly all the lights went off! We rapidly started screeming that there was still ppl in the stablismnet! They locked us n the building. Everything was dark, not light and we were terrifying, one of my friend actually has close phobia and I was so nervous trying to calm her down. We called 911 the caps came 30 minutes after and went to the back of the building and we got out thru the EXIT door. Finally we are out!!!
Today Wed 15, I came to the gym to talk to the manager Alan Slobodsky, what a disaster!!! Not customer services at all.!!! He didn't offer any apologies, I told him to cancel my membership, Same my friends did and he just was if you changed your mind before 42 days let me know! Really? That was all? Not compasión at all? What kind of manager your are that don't feel for your customers? Telling me that had happened before! I got so update! He didn't even care about what happened to us! You are terrible as a Manager!!! He didn't care if I cancel my membership, very sarcastic!! Not solutions! In other word as a customer he makes me feel like [censor]! I will never forget this!

Nov 15, 2017

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