New York Sports Club [NYSC]membership

My fiancée and I had joint nysc in glendale ny, location on february 17, 2016. When my fiancé and I went to inquire about the membership, which I explained to the employee from that location that we were looking for a membership where it is not a contract. The employee from nysc told us that they had a month to month membership and it is not a contract. I asked 'if I decided to cancel the membership for the month to month, would there be any fees on canceling?"he said "no. " I also asked him" can I cancel at anytime if we are not satisfied?" he said "yes, because your are not locked in a contract. " the employee also told us if you add members under your name, the members would be $29 monthly. It was my fiancé, sister in law and i. We all joint the gym. A couple months later we were not happy with nysc and we were moving to another state, thats when my fiancé, sister in law, and I decided to cancel the membership. We told the employee to cancel and she took our names, was on the computer and asked us why we were canceling and we explained, when we did she said it was done. On june 6th I called nysc glendale location because I saw they had charged me when they shouldn't had charged me, since I canceled my account. The staff who picked up the phone was rude and nasty. I asked for a manager because the staff was no help. When she transferred me to the manager I told her what happened, she credit me back on june 6th and also apologized and told me that she had canceled the account. On feb 2, 2017 I saw another charge from nysc on the same location, called that location and asked for the manager because the staff told me the account was still active. When it shouldn't have been. The manager from that location eric was not helpful at al. He kept saying the person I spoke to did not add any notes on the account. That for I can't help you. I asked is there a female manager? May I speak to her? She was the one who I spoke to before, he tells me there is no female manager in this location and never was. I've been the manager in here, never a female manager. I told eric the manager from that location i've been lied too twice i've been paying for a membership thinking it was canceled. This is unacceptable! And he tells me i'm in a 1yr contract. When I told him no I was on a month to month plan and he told me I was not. If I cancel I would have to pay $99. Which the person I spoke to and asked these question told me no contract. I was lied too. He did not believe me. Where I thought the manager I spoke to who told me and believed her and a person who works there canceled the account. Eric did not feel sorry, he did not even want to hear anything what I had to say, he kept giving me what do you want to do? Pay or wait until contract finishes. If the staff are not trained and pretending to be the manager, and does not want to take the responsibility of the lies they told my fiancé and I is unbelievable. Makes me feel like as if its my fault that I was lied too. Their customer service on that location is horrible how can you lie to customers about the contract and not let customer know about it. If I would've known and if I was educated well from the employe, I would have not signed to that membership. The worst experience!

Feb 03, 2017

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