New York Sports Club [NYSC]billing and payments

My name is Delia Morales back in January of this year I went personally into nysc in Hoboken on 14th street and cancelled my membership however the company continues to withdraw money out of my bank account. I spoke several times with the general manager she started that I was going to get a refund back and again this past week it happen again another withdraw I called Ann's spoke with her again she said she was on it and that she would call me back today Friday, I called her and the receptionist states she's busy and asked if she could help me I explained the situation she put me on hold comes back on the phone and states that the general manager is not there I requested to speak to someone on top of the general manager and she started that there is no one also requested a phone number to contact a CEO she stated she does not have that information I informed my bank of your company tries to withdraw again from my account that it is not authorized and your company is committing fraud

Jun 08, 2018

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