New York & Companyreturn policy/customer service

I purchased a black poncho in mid October. I never wore the poncho, the tag is still attached and I have the receipt. I decided I no longer wanted the poncho because I do not like the way it looks on me. Today, December 4th, I tried to return it to the Massapequa store I purchased it in. Even with the receipt, the manager told me that it was past 45 days so if I returned the item I would not get the price I purchased it for which was $39.99. She said I would get less than $2.00 for the poncho. Apparently, my receipt expired yesterday December 3rd. I opted to hold on to the poncho as I was not willing to accept $2.00 for it when I had paid much more than that. I am very disappointed by New York and Company's return policy and how the return was handled in the store by the manager.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Massapequa, NY I frequently shop at New York and Company stores, as well as online at the website. I also have a New York and Company credit card that I use often. After this experience, I no longer want to shop with this company and I want to cancel my credit card. This is a very poor way to treat loyal customers. Even more frustrating than the return policy, is the lack of customer service support. I called three different phone numbers in an effort to speak to a representative to help me resolve this return situation. Each person I spoke with told me they do not handle in store issues. I was told the only thing I could do was write a complaint online. I am in shock that a company as large as New York and Company would have such poor customer service. I can not support a company that takes advantage of their customers.

Dec 04, 2018

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