New York & Company / my daughter's purse was stolen from the store.

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I was in your store 4211 Camino de la plaza San Diego, CA 92173 July 20th 2016 around 5pm pst, my 11 year old daughter's Coach bag which contained her iPhone and coach wallet along with her bank card and a few dollars was stollen from this store. I inquired about a security camera and was informed that the camera was located in NY. This is unsatisfactory. I work hard for my money and the things that we purchased and to be told that we are basically out of luck because your cameras are decoys is rediculous. I was told to go to the security and maybe they could see outside of the store to see if someone left the store with it. Someone left the sore with it but it's done small that it would have been put into a bag prior to leaving. The phone has now been turned off by whomever has taken it. I am so upset with how I was basically dismissed and am now left with nothing. I would like the number to corporate because if there had been an emergency in the store and you needed to see footage of what happened in the store how is that possible if you can't access the cameras? Too much money has been lost as well as my daughter being upset that someone would take from her.

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  •   Jul 22, 2016

    Where was her handbag located that someone was able to grab it? Functioning cameras in the store would be nice, but the store is under no legal obligation to provide them. Ultimately, the theft of the handbag is not their fault or their problem.

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