New Prime, Inc. / Misrepresentations

United States

My friend went to Springfield, MO for orientation as a lease/operator for Prime, Inc. He was told how he would make all kinds of money and be driving a truck that was almost new. When he got there, he was required to take a sleep apnea test, even though he did not have sleep apnea. They charged him $600. for the test. His cost for medical insurance was $183. per WEEK! He would be an independent contractor and pay all of his costs, so they sent him to a tax accountant for a fee. They told him that they had a doctor in the terminal 24/7, but when he got ill, they would not see him for 36 hours. After he passed all testing and was offered the job (he thought when he arrived that they had already approved him) they sent him to their lot to pick out his truck. Every truck offered to him was damaged and they did not want to repair the damage. The cost for the leases were more than he had been told. They told him that 95% of all lease/operators fail. There were 70 new drivers at orientation that week. A driver that had worked for them for only two weeks was back returning his truck because he had yet to earn a single dollar. In addition, my friend was told that driving a refrigerated trailer was not different than non-refrigerated. Not true. He would have to stand on the dock any time the truck was loaded or unloaded and count the items going in and out, as well as taking the temperatures in and out, and HE was responsible for the loads. Thankfully, my friend was smart enough to walk away and not sign a contract with this shady company. BEWARE!

Apr 13, 2013

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