NetzeroRip Off

NetZero was my internet provider for months. One month I was charged and realized I hadn't use this service for a while and it was no longer needed. The reason I stopped using this service because it was not fast enough and could not accommodate my needs. I work from home as well as take online courses. I needed a faster service. I called NetZero to discontinue the service. When the representative heard I wanted to cancel the service, he immediately went into a sales pitch. He tried to offer me free service, etc. When I said no, I just wanted to cancel the service, he wanted to know why. I told him I didn't use it and I had another provider. Then he wanted to know who was the provider. I told him this was none of his business and I just wanted to cancel the service. He put me on hold and came back with another sales pitch. I told him NO, I just wanted to cancel the service. After constantly telling him I didn't want the the service, he said ok, he will cancel the service. At that time, he put me on hold and came back to say, the service had been cancelled and I would NOT be charged again . He also asked for an email address so he could email me the cancel confirmation notice. This all took place in June 09. Last week, July 09, I get a insufficient fund notice from my bank. NETZERO tried to bill my account again. After telling me no other charges would be billed. I also got the online confirmation notice that the account was cancelled.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Newport News, VAI contacted NETZERO to let them know what has happened and the fact that my bank account went into a negative balance because of what they did. NetZero immediately started trying to justify why they tried to charge me for another month because the account was not cancelled and how they are not responsible for the insufficient fund fee I was charged by my bank. I had other bills automatically being deducted from my account. Because of NETZERO, I had to pay almost $210.00 in fees to bring my account out of the negative. After explaining to NETZERO what happened to my account because of their greed, and letting them know I feel they are responsible for the negative fees, all I want them to do is pay the $35.00 it cost me for their mistake. Get this, this is what their solution was: On the day I contacted them about what had happened, they sent me an email with their apology and said the account has been closed (on that day). This is a lie because I called to have the account closed in June 09 after the june payment had already been charged to my account. After telling NETZERO I was going to file a complaint, they emailed me asking to post the complaint on their complaint board so they can serve their customers better. Now do they really think if I'm going to complain about them I would only post it on their complaint board so none of their other customers would read it? I don't think so! After all what I've done, I know I will not get any of my money back. I just wanted people to know how easy it is for companies to cheat you. Please be aware and check your bank statements. Hopefully this will not happen to anyone else.
Lesson well learned!


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