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Net10 Wireless / service & customer service

1 Enid, OK, United States

8/9/2017 - 5:10pm. Called customer service. Spoke with Mae. Young lady with a heavy accent and talked very fast. Problem: I get 3 cell phones: foe me, hubby & sister. All are on auto pay and have never "bounced". "They took my sister's money and today she has "zero service days left". I tried to explain this to Mae and she told me she couldn't do anything without the phone. I explained that my sister was in assisted living and I was a mile and a half from the phone. That I had already 'done the testing' and turned the phone back on. I told her it didn't need to be tested, she just needed to get the phone credited with her service days. Mae says that can't be done without the phone. I asked for the accounting department, then for Mae's supervisor. She tells me she can't do that if I don't have the phone. After going around for five minutes, I finally said "that BS, get off your script". So she goes into her script about how I don't need to talk to her like that, and that she can't fix the phone without the phone". Somewhere in the above five minutes she hung up on me. A couple minutes later she called me back. My upset continued, her script continued.. I told her I sure hoped she was recording the call, because I was logging into Facebook and every 'complaint line' on the internet and the FCC. At least three times during 'the above' Mae became totally silent and I had to ask her if she was still there... she said 'yes'. One time I even asked her 'who was supposed to be speaking"... after a pause she said "I am". Again we went around about... she couldn't do anything about the money..."if you are on 'auto pay' the service is on." So, why does the phone say "zero service days!!??" Long story short...she put me on hold for many minutes (it is now 5:58pm), and it sounded like she was tapping buttons on her phone dial. ..there would be a pause and I would say "Mae I'm still here"... the tapping would start again. It actually got funny...I'd have a conversation with her and she'd tap back. Well, she must have done 'something' to the service, because two minutes ago my sisters phone had eight days' service left!! Altho the problem has been corrected, I'm still not happy with Net10. This was the ninth time I've had to call them about a problem and customer service has been less than helpful (that is, if you can find a human to talk to)!! Thanks for listening, Red Coffee

Aug 9, 2017

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