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coral, florida, US
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This is the most unprofessional phonewireless service I have ever delt with!!! Customer service is a joke!!! No one speaks English that you can understand so how are they suppose to help with any of their English speaking customers? DO Not Purchase A NET10 Wireless Phone!!! I have waited a month on a sim card to get my service reactivatived with new sim card. I now have 4 new sim cards! Plus I purchased 50.00 in minutes and I can't get those either! After a month of giving me the run around I still have no phone service!I am on a fixed income so fifty dollars don't come easy for me and I needed those minutes that they simply refused to give me back!!! Not to mention I still have no service and my husbands perscriptions and docs used my phone when they contacted us about his medicine for congestive heart failure!!! This company is not one to deal with if you want any help and I say don't ever buy any of their phones because you'll be sorry!!! I am!!!

Nov 20, 2017

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