NeotelPoor service. Billed me after cancellation. Would not call me. On new years day wake up to debit of r2000. Why???

Cancelled 6 june 2016. Billed for july incorrectly. Still emailing in aug asking for refund and for neotel to contact me. One phone call from neotel to collect equipment, which I refused since they had not refunded me. No email or phone from neotel since then. On 31 dec 2016 debited r2000 with no explanation. Client no r000772005

Service was extremely poor. And required rebooting once or twice a day. When my 12 month contract was over, I waited a few extra months until fibre was available. I contacted neotel (Phone and email) to stop the neotel service and debit order on 6 june 2016 (They require 20 working days) , they did not stop it in time and billed for an extra month. I disputed it and asked them, to contact me to explain the emails they sent me (Since all they did was attach a statement and did not bother with any explanation). No one contacted me. I was phoned to ask to collect equipment so I explained that I would like them to sort out the money they owed me before they collected the equipment. No one else from neotel has ever contacted me. One of the times I phoned (I have at least 2 service request reference numbers as proof) them they said they had a cancellation date about a week after I sent the cancellation email. If they are slow in processing cancellations I should not have to pay for an extra month.

Unfortunatetly I have changed email so I have to see if I can get the backup. I have records of cancellation date and subsequent service requests for my complaints.

I want this r2000 debited reversed and I want my extra month refunded and then neotel can please come an collect their equipment.

Dec 31, 2016

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