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Due to Neotel handing me over to Nudebt in December 2016, for R1100 apparently outstanding, I came to notice Neotel overcharged me with R1100. I have been with Neotel since 2009 and my account is paid by debit order, my account was never in arrears.

October 2016 the Neotel website had a promotion on new routers, I think for R1800. I went to the Neotel Office in Bellville on 24 October 2016. Eubranesia phoned Head Office, they said the offer expired although the promotion was still advertised on the Neotel website. Eubranesia eventually convinced me to buy a refurbished router for : R1 100. They had no stock, I collected the refurbished router the next day, the 25th – see sales invoice slip, stapled to Invoice of Refurbished Router.

The quality of the copies is bad, I am sure you have better quality copies.
Sales Invoice no is IN0008561, dated 24/10/2016 at 03:55PM. Item : 1 x Refurbished stock router CDMA EVDO AF R W 80 [protected]
The Cash Receipt No is RC0006416 dated 24/10/2016 at 03:53 PM for the amount of R1100
Nedbank transaction slip as proof of R1100 payment on 24/10/2016 at 15:5

My Neotel Statement of November 2016, indicated the R1 100 payment on 24 October 2016. Up to this point you have all the proof that I bought a refurbished router for R1100, paid in full and took it home.

The Neotel Customer Application, page 2. In the Service Information block, the 1st column: the Device fee of R2200 is wrong – as this is not a new device. I bought a refurbished unit for R1100 – the Device fee should be R1100 please clarify this with Eubranesia Santi.

Due to the wrong Device fee on the Application the Neotel Statement of November 2016, indicating the RUIM_Enabled Device Fee of R1 929.83 plus 14% vat of R270.18 = R2 200 is also wrong!!

I was billed R2 200 in error, for a refurbished device costing R1 100. Please pass a credit of R1 100 – the amount overcharged on my account.

By 1 November 2016 the router I bought 24 October, still had no signal, see the 1st email. It was exchanged.

I am so disappointed with Neotel for not resolving this. I have sent numerous emails made calls, since Desember 2016, went to Bellville, but Mr Wiseman was too busy. I sent all documentation to Wiseman and [protected]@neotel. I recieved my statement, still no credit.


Elize Hanekom
Cell: [protected]
Account number: R000500987
Reference number: SREQ_[protected]

Aug 04, 2017

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