Neotel / I am am so sorry for ever signing up with this company

Its been almost a month since my unit arrived, my emails still not working. I had to resort to opening a gmail account. Managers phone, guarantee that an techncian will come out to resolve my speed. This person arrives 2weeks later provides me with an antenna and the speed is still not the fastest I signed up for. Im running at 56k like the old modems did. Im paying over r800 practically for a 56k speed (Sheesh). Modems dont even cost that amount people.

I am am so sorry for ever signing up with this company as their promises are as shocking as the products and service they deliver. This matter is not going to stand with me anymore and will be given to icasa to investigate the matter. I gave neotel the benefit of the doubt but I was wrong and will never refer any person to them. Telkom was bad but when you used the net it didnt take 10mins to load '1 single page' yes 1 page.In that time I made 2 cups of coffee, drank them and still waited a while, and only then it loaded.

Shocking shocking - I was told the speed is superb in bryanston, nonsense I tell you. Neotel you will get your product back and will be hearing from me again. Thank you for all the headaches caused!!!


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