Neibauer Dental Care / pressured me into dental treatment, lied about my insurance coverage, damaged my tooth

Woodbridge, VA, United States
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December 30, 2016 I went for a 6 month check up. During that check up I discussed a root canal I needed. During the dentist exam when asked if there was anything of concern I mention my front tooth which has a crown that maybe once a month it feels like is shifts. I didn't cause me any pain or issues with eating it's just a very sporadic event. She took a hook tool and put it behind my tooth and started pulling. Why would she do this? I could see trying to examine but that was way too much.
After that she tells me I need to do the root canal. She tries to get me to do it Dec 13st stating my insurance runs out. I countered that claim as my contract with my insurance provided took effect 2/1/16 so that had to be wrong. They said they confirmed I was wrong and brought to me in writing. I tell them the 10am appointment will not work for me. I also stated I don't like weekend work done because if there is an issue I can't get help. Also I said I didn't care about losing my insurance money. The finance and staff assured me that the dentist cell phone is provided in case of emergency. They then give me a special 7am appointment.
Sat Dec 31st I show up at 7am. The start the work on my tooth. During the work the dentist pulled this latex "dental dam" over my upper front teeth. While doing the work she said my decay was too bad and she had to do some kind of laser procedure to my tooth getting the root canal. I was in the chair over an hour with that latex thing pulling on my teeth.
After the root canal was done on my bottom tooth I left with 2 prescriptions.
When everything wore off, my upper gum are felt like I had been punched in the gums. My face hurt in the area of my 2 front teeth.

Sunday Jan 1, 2017: I'm eating my lunch, bite my sandwich and my tooth pulls out. No front tooth. It is sitting in my hand. I call the dentist number and get the emergency number. Dentist calls back and suggest I get some crown fix cement. Sunday the office is closed, Monday office closed Holiday, Tues. She's not there and I have to be at work big day in Congress. So that leaves Wednesday.
On Wednesday 1/4/17 I go in and am told I need a bridge, or an implant and they can pull my tooth today. They then tell me I have to pay $3000 out of pocket for an implant and $2000 for the bridge which involves a lot of work due to my crowns on those teeth. I can;t get insurance help because...I used all my insurance on 12/31/16 and it doesn't kick in until 2/1/17.
Wait, this is what I stated on Friday 12/30/16. They lied to me, gave me doctored paperwork and now they want to pull my tooth and get $2000-$3, 000 out of me that day. They offered to give me an application to get approve for financing.
This did not go well. I refused to be touched. I took the estimate and left.
I have contacted my insurance company regarding the incident and the claim. When I left the dentist cemented the tooth back and it came out in a week. I have been gluing the tooth back daily. It has come out at work, at a party and I can't eat properly. I can't chew properly because it will knock the tooth out even with staying away from the tooth.

I have no insurance until Feb1. There's no options for me but to live this miserable existence for 2 more weeks. At work I can't speak without fear of my tooth coming out and it looks weird as it doesn't fit properly.

Neibauer lied, took no care to protect an area with crowns and post when they pulled a dental dam over my teeth that kept popping off and getting pulled over several times. That dentist damaged my teeth, the staff was in collusion to get my money. They spent every penny on 12/31/16.
I am now toothless, embarrassed, miserable and not able to eat properly.

Neibauer Dental need their licenses pulled.

Jan 19, 2017

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