Nationstar Mortgagethey put my entire payment and put it on principal

My husband and I have been working on buying our house for over 14 years. We had our loan sold to Nationstar and what a nightmare it has been. To start off when we first started dealing with them is when we got calls from them at least two to three times daily when we had not sent in our payments exactly on the first of month but within the grace period. Any days after the first we got call daily that we were late and needed to pay our mortgage immediately after months of dealing with that I put a stop to it. It took me a few calls but I let them know not to call I felt like I being harassed and it was putting me under a great deal of stress. I told them to e-mail or mail me anything they needed to discuss. Recently I had sent in our payment with money orders. I had the money so I payed a couple of weeks early. I had to buy four money orders because they only go to a certain amount. I get a report from my credit monitoring that something is wrong with my credit so I check my mortgage account on line and find that they have applied the entire amount I sent in for Dec 2014 to principal on my house and I am now two months behind in payments and have late fees. I call them right away and am very upset with this whole mess. They told me because I had sent my payment in early and because there was more than one payment sent together [I had to send in four money orders.] It went to principal on my house. I told them to fix it and fix the credit issues they have caused me. I also wanted the late charges taken off even though I did pay January 2015 late. I thought everything was fixed. I told them I wanted them to put it in writing. They have sent me two letters since then one was so vague it basically says nothing. The letter I got today says I owe for January 2015 even though I payed it on line and they have a certain amount in a holding account since it was not for the full amount. They claimed they investigated and due to my pattern of paying they did nothing wrong. My husband is calling tomorrow. I can't afford to just let it go and pay another month of mortgage. I have been on medical leave for four months and my husband is currently looking for a job. What can I do? I feel like they are doing whatever they feel like doing to people cause they can and get away with it. I can't afford a lawyer. I am so stressed out because of this horrible company. I would like to know if someone else has had this problem.

Feb 08, 2015

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