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Nationstar Mortgage / theft

1 Salinas, CA, United States Review updated:

My home was vandalized. My insurance company issued a check in the amount of $44, 000 to repair my home. the check was made out to both me and Nationstar Mortgage. So i had to send the check to them to have them remit the money back to me. It's been ten months now and i have not received one dime.

I tried to use my own money while I was waiting for the check. I ran out of funds, and missed two payments. Nationstar is refusing my third payment - to force me into foreclosure - and to keep my $44.000. These people are thieves.

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      9th of Oct, 2009
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    I got sold in 2008 to Nationstar, who I never even heard of and I'm sorry I ever did. It' s been nothing but a ongoing nightmare since Feb 2008. Their title company was to cut a check per my closing for the 1st half of my house taxes. Nationstar was to pay the 2nd half. But Fiserv(the title co.) sent the wrong amount and it got kicked back. They said nothing and did nothing. When Nationstar tried to pay the 2nd half it got kicked back because the first half was never paid. Now neither company said nothing and did nothing. In August 2008 I got a letter from the town my taxes were deliquent and a lein was being placed on my property in Sept.2008. I took an entire day off from work and spent it on the phone between Nationstar, the Town, the County and Fiserv. I found out Fiserv still had the check it had never been cashed. I was in contact with Jeffrey of Nationstar Escrow. I told him Fiserv had the check, gave him the contact there I had spoken too and the check number. He said it would be taken care of, no problem. A few weeks later I called the town, they said everything was paid and there was no lien. Everythings good right??? WRONG!!! It seems Jeffery and Nationstar took out an advance of money from First American (who holds the escrow monies). They took basically an unauthorized loan on my mortgage for $7000.00 in Aug 2008. I found this out 8 months later in April 2009. How?? I had just made the April payment online. My account appeared perfectly normal on the statements. There was no inkling of what they had done until I received a letter on April 6, 2009 that my next payment (in 3 weeks for May 2009) would be an additional $700.00 a month to payback the advance they took out 8 months earlier to cover the tax money they lost. I went NUTS. That was Saturday and all was closed. Again Monday I took off from work and called them. Needless to say, they told me they would file a dispute it could take 30 day...then 90 days... it has now passed 6 months and they still have not gotten back a single dime of my money. I have been working with a woman named Theresa Pointer in Escrow, but she has suddenly disappeared in the last month (they said she's been out sick). Now I have Tom in Escrow and Fiserv contacts with the Research Department of Randy Foyer and Kathy Kinkerk. Not only can they not get the money back from Fiserv (I even sent them an entire packet of papers certified registered mail w/signature required) with a copy of the page from my mortgage that shows what should have happened, but they themselves cannot find the money they should be holding for what should have been the second half of the taxes. But they said "Don't worry about that yet, we have to get the Fiserv money back first." The original tax bill and what they ended up paying, of course, were different amounts because of the interest and penalties that accrued after they paid it also. I have refused to pay them ANY of the extra amount since May, because I believe they are thieves and con-artists and I will not pay on money for an unauthorized loan they took out because they are incompetent. So now they keep saying my payments are behind, they put each payment into a holding account until it adds up to what they want it to be. I call them 3-4 times a week. They call me 2-3 times A DAY 7 DAYS A WEEK. They send me threatening letters about foreclosure, and remodification of my loan. I get phone calls from all these departments- Customer Service, Collections, Foreclosure, Research and Escrow. I am on the automatic dialer so they call me everyday including Saturday and Sunday when they are closed, besides the live operators. It starts at 8 am and goes till 9 pm. This for the last 5 months.. They threaten me constantly. I even had a supervisor hang up on me during one phone call because of my attitude toward her (this was on a third phone call of one day from them after about 4 months of this crap) She didn't like my tone or attitude and wouldn't be spoken to "in that manner" and when and if I calmed down and adjusted my attitude I could call back to speak to them..with that she hung up on me. So 6 months and still waiting for them to find my's the worst nightmare scenario. I would never have imagined this happening to me. All my bills are paid on time..but my credit is now in the CRAPPER because of this..because, of course, they are report me as being deliquent to the credit bureaus. I cannot even refinance through another bank just to get away from them because of all the damage they have done to my credit. I can't sleep and have nightmares, I don't know what to do anymore. :(

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