Nationstar Mortgagepoor/untimely handling of overpayment refund

In early March 2016 I received a refund check for late charges that were collected on a loan (#[protected]) while a bankruptcy was pending and finally discharged. The discharge order was entered in 2006, ten years before the refund was issued. In addition the balance on the loan was paid off in 2013.

The check was issued in the name of myself and my ex-husband, we divorced in 2005. When I called to request that the check be reissued in my name only they requested that I fax documentation of the divorce order that awarded me the property in question. Which I did. The document clearly states that interest in the property should be awarded to me, who should pay all encumbrances and debts and hold the other party harmless therefrom. It seems reasonable to me that this legal document would be sufficient evidence that I have sole interest in the property and that I alone would have made all the payments.

It has now been two weeks since my initial contact concerning this matter. Initially I was asked to allow 7 to 10 business days to allow the research team to investigate the matter and to call back. When I called back I was informed that the research team was still working on the case and please allow them more time and to call back, specifically 4/6/16. Today I called back only to be informed that unless I can provide bank records proving that I was indeed the one who made the payments they would be unable to process my request. This raises a couple of questions: who keeps ordinary bank records that long and who else would have made the payments? After 40 minutes on the phone I was finally connected with a supervisor who's only response was to allow her three more days to research with the accounts department if there are alternatives to handling my request.

This seems like a simple matter. I overpaid and should be issued a refund. Indeed, this should have been resolved YEARS ago. If the roles were reversed you can be sure that in addition to what was owed I would also be responsible for late fees and interest. Perhaps Nationstar should be held to the same standard. In fact if in three days this is not resolved I believe I'll contact my attorney, I am apparently not the only one whose account has been handled so poorly.

Apr 06, 2016

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